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Ballet Schools in California - Central/North


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I was just wondering what other good pre-professional schools are in the area. I am not aware of many.

Any information would be appreciated :D Thanks!

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There are several in San Francisco area, but not much outside of there. Where exactly are you looking?

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There really isn't anything that I would suggest other than

City Ballet in San Francisco...although I don't think they have enough classes for pre-pro.

Lines Ballet closed their pre-pro school.

SFB is audition only

Contra Costa Ballet is (in my opinion) not at a pre-pro level anymore. The top level dancers are down to 11 hours per week with only 2 pointe classes, no variations, no rep and no pas.

Diablo Ballet's Apprentice Program is good but the floors are bad. Not sprung. The teachers (you have only 2 teachers) are very good. Tough, but good. Small program with a lot of performance opportunities.

There are a few other lower level type schools....depending on the area you are looking at.

This is the area we are from and we are sending our dd across the country to train.

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SAMI, Can you narrow down the area that you are interested in looking for a studio? Northern Cal./Central Cal. is a HUGE area!

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I am interested in more central Cal if there are any. I am just curious as to what pre-professional studios are in this area. I haven't found many mentioned or listed.

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Hi SAMI Can you name a couple of the cities/towns that you'd like to know about?? Modesto, Sacramento, FResno, Bakersfield?? Are any of these ones that you're thinking about?

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I'll be in Crescent City, CA for a few months...any recommendations/suggestions for studios in or around that area?

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SAMI - you really need to narrow down your area - Central Cali covers a huge area. How about naming a couple of cities and how far you are willing to drive?


There are some very good ballet schools in Northern/Central California but few that can prepare a dancer for a professional career without finishing elsewhere. How old is the dancer?

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Was wondering if anybody has an update on the Bay area schools. My dd has spent 7 years at SFB but she wants to leave since there are issues with the consistency of teaching.


Here is what I know:

- SFB -- see above --- they lost a few teachers recently

- City Ballet -- small school - have not heard much

- Academy of Ballet --- lots of boys there. Appealing because they offer PdDeux classed and performance opportunities.

- Western Ballet - Mountain View --- very good artistic director, a mix of teachers.

- Lines -- programs only start at 17.


We are looking for one solid teacher ( Ideally trained Vaganova) that offers classes and privates.


Anybody can suggest?

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sissi, I note that your profile "connection to/Interest in Ballet" lists you as a 'dancer', however, your posts indicate that you are a 'parent'.


As we have several Parents only Forums, it would be helpful if your profile identified you as a Parent. I realize you may also be a dancer yourself and it is fine to include that in your profile interest if that is the case.

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Here is a thread with information on Bay Area ballet schools. When reading these threads, it's best to keep in mind that things change, sometimes rapidly, at ballet schools with regard to focus, schedules, faculty, etc. :


The best thing to do would be to call the schools you are interested in, and take your daughter in for a class/audition. You and she will know when someplace fits. :thumbsup:

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SAMI, Can you narrow down the area that you are interested in looking for a studio? Northern Cal./Central Cal. is a HUGE area!


I consider the Bay Area to be "Northern" California, while Central California not only encompasses the San Joaquin Valley (Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, etc)

but also the Central Coast area, from Santa Cruz, Monterey down to San Luis Obispo. Zip code anybody?

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I just wanted to add The New Ballet School in San Jose (formerly the official school of the Silicon Valley Ballet, which shut down this year). They have a preprofessional program and a studio company, with students attending prestigious SIs and going on to apprenticeships and positions in professional companies. The school teaches the ABT curriculum, with classes beginning at the preschool level. It is a great option for anyone living in the South Bay.



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Can anyone recommend ballet schools near Stanford in California? I'm not familiar with CA and hard to tell what is a commutable distance from the University area. Is The New Ballet School mentioned above commutable there?

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