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Ballet Talk for Dancers

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From what I understand of this university it has a great arts program. It was ranked seventh in the US (for liberal arts schols)

However it only allows a minor in dance. Could someone with experiance of this school tell me the strengths and weaknesses of it's program?

Thanks :P


website: http://www.bucknell.edu/x3373.xml

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My Aunt went there and did a lot of Theater Arts, but no dance that I know of. I will ask about it next time I speak to her. She is out of town this week so I will havre to get back to you here.

It has been a while since she was a student but recently had a reunion there with extensive tours of the campus and updates on programs. They were trying to boost alumni donations. She is a big fan of Ballet and goes in to the city for performances at the Met.



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Though not related exactly to the program at Bucknell, you might be interested to know that Ethan Stiefel's sister, Erin, who had a career in Europe, runs a ballet school in Lewisburg. I have no idea whether she has any affiliation with the university. It's called Stiefel Steps.

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Well, Auntie did not know any program specifics or if they are turning out pros, but said they had built a lovely theater that is only for Dance, and there are two other theaters as well.

That is all I have for you.



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Thank you! I was actually just up in Washington, and while their I looked at GWU. My mom pointed out that if I went thier it might be possible to take classes in my spare time at a studio not affiliated with the school, such as WSB.

If I apply to Bucknell but don't think I will be happy with their dance program then I will look into taking classes at Erin's Stiefel Steps :innocent:

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Hi there, I am a 7th generation Bucknellian and was hoping my dd would make 8. However, she was not too college minded and their dance program is not enough for a serious dance student. Bucknell is a great liberal arts college that provides a rigorous academic program in many areas, but after investigating it for my dd, we couldn't recommend it for a serious ballet student with performing/choreography goals. Oh well, we figured that being an 8th generation would have been good for SOME type of scholarship $$$! :thumbsup: But for now my dd has postponed college and is in her second year with a pre-pro company school. She's very happy. I hope she will do college eventually, 'cause mom and dad won't support her forever! :shrug:

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As a GWU alum... before you decide that route, I'd consider what your major is likely to be and ask to see a current course register so you can get an idea of what the schedule looks like for requirements. Also, consider if you will have to work, etc. Actually, that's good advice for anyone looking to do full-time university and dance seriously 'on the side'. If you are looking to keep up serious training, time becomes a huge issue!

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