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When class is TOO hard...


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I participated in an august 4 day 'mini-intensive' at my ballet studio this week, and we had a guest teacher. The class was made up of intermediate and advanced students. The class the teacher taught was so difficult for me though, that I couldn't even work because I didn't know the steps he was teaching! It was so frustrating because I couldn't get the combinations. Before I even finished the first time (being in the last group so that I could watch all the other groups and hopefully get the steps by the time it ws my turn) he was telling the first group to go again, turn all the balances into double turns, the turns into triples, and all the jumps were to be with beats! I am taking this intensive next week as well (different teachers) but my question is what to do when the class is too hard? I don't want to slow down the class by asking the teacher to go over the steps again and again, but it was so frustrating, I was in tears. I'm in the correct level for the class- but what should I do if its way to hard again?

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When the class is mixed levels, the teachers often gear the class more towards the advanced level. The intermedite level would not be expected to do everything at the same level as the advanced, such as adding beats, extra pirouettes, etc. Do the things you know and understand, but do them at your own level. If you don't know the steps, especially in petit and grand allegro, then don't do them. You can get hurt trying to do things you don't know how to do.


This question really belongs in YD 13-16. Would you mind if I move it?

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Ok- the steps I didn't know were in the petite and grande allegro mostly, so I will definitely follow your advice! And- of course you can move it, sorry for posting it in the wrong section.

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I know how you felt. in our mini workshops we had @ my dance school level 2b was paired with level 3 and i was in level 2b. they did quite a bit of things that i didn't understand and it was pretty frustrating. Plus there was a gril there who i really wanted to impress

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I know exactly how you feel. When I started at my studio in 2006 I was so lost. It was a lot harder then my old studio, and everything was really fast paced. One thing I did was attempt to apply everyone's corrections to myself. After class, ask the teacher for help with anything you might need. Good luck!

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