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length for legwarmers


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Depends what you are using them for, Chrissy. :wink: If you want to put them on before classes to help you get warm, or after classes to stay warm, then probably full leg length would be good. Of course you can also use sweat pants in those situations. Some people like just lower leg and some like full leg. They should not, however, be worn in classes. Most teachers in professional schools do not allow them.

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The shorter ones come in handy when you have an injury that you'd like to keep warm. From little_dancer123 x :shrug:

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I like 30 or 36 stirrup; they keep you warm and i find them more comfortable. (also try and look for a material that doesn't slide down your leg. )

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I wear 36 stirrup, but usually not at dance.. lol I use them at school under my pants, it gets really cold if you have portable classes...

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Yes, I do like stirrups, i find them more comfortable, I use those for before class or between classes. But I also have a pair of ones that come just up to the knee, for if i have an injury.

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Hey Chrissy.


I wear leg warmers that go up to mid-thigh. I've noticed that they really have helped me dance better overall, and I haven't had any pulled muscles lately.


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