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Is anyone else short but long?

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Is anyone else short but long?


I'm only 5'6", well-proportioned, but I've got long arms and legs. Normally I buy medium regular leotards and they work well, but I've recently discovered that tall leotards fit me like a glove and really accentuate and flatter. I think that's kind of odd, as most people who wear tall leos seem to be, well, tall... and most people of my height seem to hate tall leos. I don't think I have a particularly long torso although I know that I look "long." Anyone else here like this? I'm confundida.

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I just noticed the same thing on my daughter. She too is about 5' 6" and has always bought medium leotards. Just last week our regular store had some talls and I told her to humor me and try them on--of course they were the ones we ended up buying. People always tell my daughter she has long legs, and now I guess she has a long torso too. Long legs, long torso....something on her must be short then but heck if I can figure out what it is!

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I`m about 5`5" and also found the "L" leos (at least in companies like Capezio) to be the best fit- better than "M".

Not unusual.

I have long arms, so so long legs and a petite but somewhat curvy body type.

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I'm 5'7" but I don't think that the "tall" leos would fit me better than a regular M size? My body parts are balanced in terms of lenght, I can say, I mean I have neither a very long torso, nor very long legs; or if we consider my height, I guess both the legs and the torso is long... I'm confused :yucky: =P

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Ballet sizing is wierd in shoes and LEOS AND TIGHTS! Different companies have different sizing & fit. We usually find what works & stick with it! If there are issues, best to try on at a local store before ordering!

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Tall or long has to do with the proportion of your waist/hip/chest measurements to your length, not the length of your torso to your legs. So, tall leotards will have the same waist/hip/chest measurements as the regular cut in the same size, but they will have a couple extra inches in the length/girth. (E.g. medium-long or medium-tall as compared to medium.)


So, young dancers especially who still have a girlish figure will often fit into the tall leos better because they are very slender width wise but longer in length. Like ddm's daughter, those people would swim in the next full size up, but might be more comfortable with the extra inch or two in length.


Of course, if we're talking about Bodywrappers Premiere, "tall" is a size of it's own after large, because it is cut very slender for the "career dancer" who would tend to have a less curvy body, as opposed to their regular lines, which are cut less slender and fits far more like Capezio.


All of this becomes really evident when you look at the size charts for brands who have a "long" or "tall" style. Best thing to do is actually take your measurements with a dressmaker's tape... you might be surprised! As you can tell, I've put a lot of thought and research into this because I have a hard time finding leos that fit properly.

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I'm 5'2" and wear a Large in most brands of leos and can't even wear some brands because my torso is so long. When I was measured for costumes last October my torso was 58"........longer than some of the girls at 5'6" and 5'7".

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