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Movies: Save the Last dance

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I was wondering if it was good, where you can find it and if it's on you tube? What is it about exactly. I've seen some of center stage on you tube and i have a growing interest in ballet movies. i can't find it in stores so i was wondering where you can find it online. thanks much! :)

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Have you tried Blockbuster? I have seen it there.

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I love that movie! It is one of my favorites. It shows how different worlds can come together through dance. You should definately get it. There are a couple of them though, so start with the first one.




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There is more than one "Save The Last Dance"???


MD, PLEASE, as asked before, use at least enough punctuation so that we can read your posts and have them make sense. That was 3 sentences above that you made all one. Thank you.

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It's a fun movie, though there isn't really that much ballet in it—the dancing is more "fusion"-type stuff. Julia Stiles didn't do her own dancing, in case you're wondering—Chryssie Whitehead, who is only credited as a "Ballet Dancer," was her double.

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Here is a thread on some other ballet movies: Dance Movies


Here is a thread on 'Save the last dance 2" Save the last dance 2

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ok, thanks all of you. I'll check the blockbuster in my area (again) even though i have looked I'll look again. anyone know if it's on you tube?

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