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ok, i just had my first class for the fall. it was all well and good until i noticed that my turn out and extension were rather laacking. I'm in level 3 so i feel i should be better. Are there any ways besides just stretching that i can improve both of my problems pretty fast? Thanks much.


Ps. I won't be offended in any way if this post has to be moved or deleted in any way. thanks again.

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Ashleydancer, those things just don't come fast. They take a long time, like years, not days or weeks or months. Did you do a Summer Intensive this year, and dance most of the summer? If not, then it is to be expected that things would not be all there the first night. Even if you did an SI, but had a long time off afterwards, the first class can be a bit rough.

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Level 3 out of how many? And how long has it been since your previous class? Generally, it's not to worry about. The first class after a break always is a bit below your average.

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The good news ashleydancer is that you are opening your eyes are seeing that you have an area that needs improvement and can improve! :( Since different schools have different levels, it is difficult to actually evaluate if you are ontrack for your age. Are the other students in your class in your age group? Is the teacher working specifically with you on ways to improve your turnout? If not ask lots of questions concerning your observations before class or after class without comparing yourself to others. You may find that your interest may inspire your teacher to revisit the subject!

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The students in my class are my age group or a littlebit below. my teacher now and my teachers before have always said something about my turnout but i hven't really cared much until now. I ahve also now noticed that before to 'fix' the problem I ahve been rolling and I need some help for tha too. I'm going to talk to my teacher after thursday class.

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I have my first class next week on Tuesday- and you'd better believe that I'm going to be a bit tighter, a bit more turned in, and extensions a little bit lower. I think it's pretty normal to be not as good as you were before summer break. (This year I took a whole month off. Horrors! Am I ever going to pay for that...)

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got my next ballet class on tuesday too. bit worried. tried to keep as flexible as possible (warmed up and cooled down after swimming sessions to stretch out, etc.). did a little dance over the hols, but not strightly ballet (kinda body popping, and gypsy/mashed up kinda ballroom/flamenco thing! quite fun to just dance what feels right and see if it works!). slightly worried all my placement will have gone after 8 weeks but in the grand scheme of things its nothing, but i'll pick it up again quickly (won't I?) :devil:


anne xxx


haven't posted in ages, so its a rambly mess! :P

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