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Awesome first night back!!

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Tonight was our first night back after a month break. It felt great. All the practice and stretching during the break was worth it. I could work on the more intricate things like where my eyes should look when I am dancing, attitude, hips, and all the important stuff. I was not the one having to look and try and keep up with everyone, I was part of the froup of leaders. I felt like I could dance!! I was confident and our teacher mentioned that the rest of the class would have to work hard to catch up to us that had previous lessons!! I remember again why I started ballet and loved feeling as though I had confidence. I am pumped for this semester. Sorry, I had to brag a little bit because as some of you remember these were issues I had mentioned on the board. Feels great!!!

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Well done!!




It truly feels great to be able to feel that we are dancing in class rather than struggling to catch up with "movements". :)



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If you work well and consequent, there are often nothing like a little break your body needs to let all the information you are ginving during the year "sink in". It can be frustrating to work and work but never feeling like you get further, then a summer break and suddenly you make a big jump forward.


Caution though, this holliday improvement only happens if the work before have been good.



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