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Scheduling a conference w/multiple teachers


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Dd has four teachers weekly at her studio. Same schedule as last year -- they know her, and she was able to be at the home SI for three weeks this summer as well. (She had a couple of the "regular" teachers at the home SI.) Semester started this week, and I would like to schedule a fall meeting w/the teachers and AD to talk about goals for the year, etc. I haven't talked to the AD/dean yet, as I want to figure out the best way to a.) make sure we see each teacher b.) get the most "bang" for the meeting. I'm thinking maybe to wait until she's been back a few weeks or a month, so that the teachers really have a handle on how things are going. Good idea, or is there a better general time to request to meet? Also (and I'm not sure if getting all the parties together at the same time is at all possible), if scheduling were up to me, is it better to have a "group" conference (all the teachers together at once) or individual meetings? "Catching" a teacher in the hallway is frowned upon, and besides, I really want to sit down and have a discussion with each of them. I've never requested a formal meeting before, so any advice from those who have (including the most wonderful questions you asked/wish you asked!) is welcome!!

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My advice is a written request, ASAP, politely stating that you would like a meeting with all DD's teachers within the next month or so. That way, they all have time to fit it into the schedule. Give some dates/times when you might be available. A tip is to look at the class schedule for the whole studio, and suggest times when none of them have a regularly scheduled class, but not a day when they are not usually at the studio. Be aware that such a meeting should be short, because time is precious to everyone. In your letter state the purpose of the meeting - to set goals, evaluate last year's progress, discuss suggestions for this year. Make sure that your letter shows how happy you are with the program/teachers, so they know it's not a complaint meeting. If you have a specific request - move up a level, add classes, more partnering, go to a competition, etc., you may also wish to state that so that they can watch her in the intervening week(s) to see what they think. You may even want to list the things you want covered - hours per week, pilates or yoga suggested, level changes, things she can do at home, outside studying that might help her in-class work, etc., so that they have specific suggestions for you. Above all, go in prepared to hear what might sound like bad news to you - because when you ask for specificity, sometimes the honest information you receive is something you're not expecting.

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I see a group meeting as being a very difficult thing to arrange, and I'm not at all sure that it is the best thing to do. First of all, if all the parents at the school wanted to do this, the teachers would have no time to teach. That is why someone invented AD's. They are there to find out the things that someone wants to know and to take the time to talk to them. It would be the AD's job, in this case, to talk to the individual teachers, watch the student in class herself, and then meet with the parent. AD's have office time, most teachers have very little, if any.


That said, I also see no problem in arranging conferences with the individual teachers. I have always made time to talk to parents who request a meeting, and I think most teachers will do that. Definitely do not like the idea of a group meeting. Nope. Not good. Sorry.

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My dd also has several teachers (one for RAD, one for Ceccetti [i'm sure I've spelt that incorrectly], her AD for coaching class and her contemporary teacher and various combinations for rehearsals). We have parent, student, AD sessions twice a year. It would be impossible to get them all together. I know that our AD conferences with all of the vocational students teachers prior to assessment and is also checking in regularly on their progress. She always seems to have a very complete picture.


Perhaps if you made a time to meet with the AD giving enough advance warning that you would like to get feedback from all your dk's teachers for him/her to pass on?

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I'm not a parent, but I've been on a ballet company board. All requests should go to the dean or Artistic Director of the school. Your request to meet with every teacher may be denied, be polite and agree to whatever options you are given. If you expect 30 minutes and have a list of demands for each teacher (I've heard it happen) you will be disappointed.


The teachers will appreciate a positive attitude and interest. Teachers have families, other jobs, and still may be performing, their time may be very, very, precious.


Good luck!

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