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Socks for barre


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So... I'm thinking it's time to try socks for barre, since I'm finding myself cheating my turnout and pronating significantly...my first metatarsel is not so happy with me for that last part.


Just wondering who else here has given up technique slippers for barre and how much it actually helped? Several other ladies in my class do (as well as the pros who periodically drop in for barre), so I know it's not an issue for the teacher.

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Wait, I'm afraid I'm missing something. Are you thinking that because socks are more slippery, you won't get away with cheating your turnout and your feet will slide back to where you're actually using your turnout muscles?

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One of my teachers used to teach in socks- to show the movement of the tiny muscles in the feet better.

For demonstration as in teaching its ok but- personally I would not want to fully dance in socks- too slippery and COLD- brrr :clapping: !


Barre MIGHT work though if its more static. Still very slippery- can`t you go barefoot instead? Not everyone`s favorite and somewhat hygienically questionable but safer than socks!

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I've worn them IN ADDITION TO, but never totally instead of ballet slippers, at least since I was an absolute beginner. And I've worn them both under AND over the slippers.

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I'm afraid I can't recommend socks for the issue at hand. Something that might work is for you to try a combination (not the whole class) in bare feet if you're allowed. Other than that, it's a matter of recognizing which muscles you need to engage, and then engaging them! :clapping:

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Guest pink tights

I'm a shoe junkie! :clapping: The modern ladies that I take class with hate shoes, and take barre in socks, putting on shoes in the center just so they don't slip and break their necks. I do wear heavy wool socks over shoes when it's cold, but shed as my feet thaw. Shoeless barre would ruin a perfectly good pedicure..... :innocent:

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I like to take barre in socks, because it gives freedom for my toes to spread out. I can really work and articulate my muscles. This was recommended to me by my teacher when I told her my feet would get cramps during barre. I change to slippers for centre floor. (Two of my dd's also wear socks for barre, and so do our teachers when they take class.)



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To clarify, though I think you all get the gist, we have marley or marley-type floors, and they are not really slippery at all... especially when someone decides to bring in rosin, argh! It's very easy to "wedge" your turnout because of the friction of the shoes (and I wear canvas because leather sticks too much!) So yes, I was thinking that the more slippery socks would help me isolate and engage those muscles. I don't believe it's slippery enough to cause a safety issue. I believe bare feet on these floors would compound the problem (though it would certainly make balances easier!)


Like DesertLily says, socks seem to be preferred by the teachers and pros who take our classes, switching to slippers for center, and I have understood it was for this reason.

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Interesting. I like dancing around the house in socks, and for spreading out one's toes, I do find them more accomodating. I've certainly worn them over my shoes in drafty studios and theaters during winter, which was cozy and nice feeling. However, I don't think I could do a whole class in socks as most places I dance have slipperier floors than your studio.


It would be nice if we had some lovely ballet slippers in which we could spread out our toes...

Any shoe designers on here?

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Just an old cobbler here. Ballet slippers are turn shoes (that is, they're made mostly inside-out, then popped right side-out, and finished) so making a slipper broad across the vamp wouldn't be much of a problem, but I would be concerned that it might not provide much support at the first metatarsal joint, which is where it's needed!

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I'm happy in slippers for my ballet classes, but, for what it's worth, I always wear socks for the warm up and technique parts of a jazz class -- the shoes go on when we start turning in the centre or working across the floor.

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About two years ago a girl I was dancing with forgot her ballet slippers (and jazz shoes) for ballet class. No one had an extra pair of shoes anywhere near her size so she decided to take class in her socks. They were the kind that had the individual toes. Our teacher told her it was okay but warned her to be careful because the floor wasn't marley and was extremely slippery. (I fell once landing a jump b/c my feet just slid out from under me.)


The moral of this story is she fell AT THE BARRE (I can't even remember the exercise now) and broke her ankle. She got to come and sit and watch class for the next 6 weeks and I found another studio.




*edit* She was taking a pointe class in socks. Still don't remember the specific exercise though.

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Oh wow, that's scary. I've seen girls taking barre in socks who were very new to ballet and didn't have shoes yet but I don't feel secure enough. I had a jazz teacher who made us to center warmups on a very slippery floor in socks only and I always hated it.

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