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legs higer in plie... why?


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It is not clear as to whether or not you are asking a personal question or a technical question.


Technically, the working leg must "get higher" when a demi plie is done on the supporting leg. This is not easy to achieve when first studying this movement. The reason it must go higher is for increased development for more difficult movements as well as the look of lightness while dancing! :o It is overall, easier to dance this way!


If you are asking a more personal question, moe information will be needed. :D

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I do not know the answer to that question (I am interested to learn) but I wanted to point out something that my teacher mentions. When you tuck your hips under it is easier to raise the leg (to the front I mean) It is natural to want to tuck out hips when in plie on one leg.

Be careful that you leg is going higher for another reason, NOT becuase you are allowing your placement to go.

I know this from lots of experiance! I am always told not to tuck my hips!!!

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Tuck is a four letter word that we NEVER, EVER use here, or in any reputable class I know! :)


The leg going up is an equal and opposite reaction to your going down. :P As you lower your level in space, the leg reacts by going higher in space. Think about it....it would look very bad if it went down too! :o It's just one of the basic laws of motion. When you want to jump higher you push harder on the thrust into the plié, and a higher jump is a reaction to a better plié. When you want to balance on one leg you push down into the floor, the toes like the roots of a tree, but then everything else grows upward, creating an equal and opposite reaction to the downward energy, and this creates balance. :blushing:


While a plié must feel like an upward action, literally the level of the body is lower when the knees are bent. The upward resistance is what keeps you balanced. Therefore, when you are standing in an extension, and you make an allongé, the body and the extended leg resist upward as the supporting knee bends.

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I'm sorry for the 'ballet curse' :)

I was not suggesting that one should do it, I was just trying to say what I have been taught to think about avoiding. Perhaps I used the wrong word? I was trying to explain the image of the pelvis being tipped downward. This is never what ou would want to do!!


Also, thank you for explaining why it is easier to raise the leg while in plie. I always find that I can do somehting better if I understand why I am doing it. (ie- the mechanics if it) My teachers have mentioned it, but never given a complete explanation.

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Oh, I understood you! I was just amplifying your thoughts by adding that that word is a no no! :) You explained it very well.

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