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Ballet class hasn't started yet, so no trimph there (tomorrow's the first class). But I just got invited to audition for the role of Cosette in the Dutch Les Miserables. It's a very select audition, only on invitation. I wasn't called just on the resume they have from a former audition, so I assumed I would not be invited. But I called to make sure. Turns out I was not invited because I was listed as a MEZZOsoprano in their files, they thought I can't reach a high C. Big mistake, I'm a very high soprano (think Christine in Phantom). So I'm invited. Now I have 2 weeks to prepare the entire Rue Plumet scene (2 songs). I'm so excited. The chances to get this role are minimal, they will be about 30 or so of us, most with lots of experience. But the honor of being invited for a major role is just awesome.

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Thanks. I just realised I will have to sing with the guy playing Marius at the audition, as I have to study the duet. It is a one day audition, they need to have their Cosette by the end of the day (no pun intented for people who know Les Mis). They'll want to see how their Marius and Cosette will match. Thank goodness I'm fairly short, as Marius is as well. They have cast all of the other lead performers, but they're having trouble finding a young woman who looks young enough (no problem there I look 16 at 22), can reach at least that C and will fit the costume they bought from another production (from a very very skinny Cosette).

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Relaxing my jaw and taking a relaxing breath before a turn, looking up slightly (hard to do!) But:


I got four CLEAN pirottes yesterday! :(

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I finally got back to class after a year off with a knee injury. Yeah. My butt hurts. The gooooooooooooooood hurt............=)

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Well, I went back to class last night -- a pretty basic one, but in the piroutte exercise a managed a series of reasonable doubles en dehors to the right. (We'll pass over the left side :( ). Not too sore this morning, but it'll hit tomorrow as the lactic acid hits! But I have class again tomorrow & that's the best way to get over muscle soreness.


But my little champagne moment was being asked after class by a freelance choreographer would I be available for a community dance gig as a performer. The choreographer was looking for a range of ages and picked me as an "older" dancer "who could move" (her words). I don't perform publicly any more and who has the time for a 2 week intensive rehearsal period, but it was nice to be asked after the first class back after 9 months!

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Marjolein, so exciting! Enjoy the audition experience and MERDE!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a modest champagne moment by comparison. But I think I finally "get" where I need to place my weight in arabesque penchee on flat. I've seen myself do a 180 on tape (on pointe) with a partner, but I've never gotten my maximum extension on flat. Just tonight in class at the barre, I felt a major difference. I pitched my weight WAY forward, and had a lot of freedom to lift. I'm hyperextended, so this is a particular struggle.


I'm psyched, since I'm rather out of shape at the moment. Progress can still happen:)

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Yaaaaaaaaay lampwick! Yes, progress can still happen......even for us old folks. :P I was pretty psyched that in a straddle stretch last night I was able to lay all the forward on the floor. I couldn't do that a year ago. Guess I'm not quite ready for the nursing home just yet. :sweating:

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We worked on chaine turns and while my turns to the right were rather horrid, my turns to the left started to look a little bit better! My steps are still too wide, but I'm getting there.


And, for the second week in a row I had a new person placed by me at barre to follow me. Granted, the class was moving at a slower pace and felt much more like a beginner's class, but still! I feel like it's progress on my part. :devil:

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Oh, I do so love reading this thread. Congratulations to all on your successes!


My own champagne moment is for not being afraid. I signed up for a teen ballet class this year. Last year I took two adult classes and an adult pointe class. One of the classes was intermediate/advanced, the other was advanced beginner/intermediate. We convinced our studio to offer intermediate/advanced ballet twice a week and they agreed but they incorporated pointe as part of it so that was exciting! But the other class, the advanced beginner/intermediate class is now directly after my other class so I was concerned about dropping to 2 times a week. So, in an effort to get in a third time, I spoke with the teacher of the teen class and she agreed to let me take it. I was SO nervous going in because not only was I the only non-teen but the class is HUGE (17 enrolled, as compared 5-6 in the adult classes, plus it was a different teacher than I am used to. But I went and I ended up really enjoying it! I found myself working harder because of the more disciplined atmosphere of a teen class (adult classes have different rules) and pushing myself because their extensions were so beautiful I wanted my legs up higher, too!! I spoke with the teacher after class and she said she was really happy to have me there, that she admired my bravery, and that the level was a great fit! So I can continue in that class! YAY!


I was so proud of myself, I had to share! :D

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I did a double fouette on pointe yesterday. :blink:


It was at the barre and not enourmously clean (my foot came out from the leg on the second turn) - but since I also did my first single fouette on pointe yesterday s and haven't done a double pirouette on pointe yet it was a bit of a surprise.


I just did the fouette and as I came around I realised I was on balance and didn't need to come down so I just carried on turning.

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Congratulations on everyone's successes!

I'm glad I checked in. One misses quite a lot of champagne moments if one stays away too long.

I'll just have to have some sparkling cider for this, but my tiny champagne moments have been as a teacher lately...balancing in retiré at the end of my pirouettes as I demonstrate them to my students. I had sprained ankles over the summer and lost my balance whilst recovering, so this is gratifying.

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