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New dance year (in the Northern Hemisphere)


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Well, my studio starts its full programme on Monday. I've been off since before Christmas because of a broken wrist, a long time healing & then an insane workload catching up after spending 4 months exhausted & struggling with one (non-writing) hand.


So I'm looking forward just to getting back to class, and to slowly renewing confidence and fitness. I've been very interested to see what has happened to my body without any sort of exercise except for 3-4 miles a day walking to work & back. But I'm looking forward to toning up my core & losing a bit of a podgy stomach and ribcage. And stretching properly.


What are you working on in the start of the new school year?


And for the Southern hemisphere (where you're coming up to the last three months of the year) where do you want to be by the end of the summer term in December?

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I'm back to one class a week, so one of my goals is to get that back to 2-3 a week.


In class, I am focusing on my posture in general, and not sitting in the hip of my supporting leg during things like rond de jambe. Because of ballet, I realize how often I sit in one hip or the other throughout the course of my day and now stop it when I catch myself doing it.


I've also finally had a few sporadic pirouettes that felt smooth and controlled, and I am working on my balance and such. What a great feeling it is to come around a turn and cleanly place that foot just where it ought to be!

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Our adult ballet class is set up where we have adult ballet 1-3. We have to take ballet 1 for 3 semesters until we can get into ballet 2 or unless the instructor lets you know that it is time for you to move on. I am in my second semester of ballet 1 a nd my goal is to work on understanding and practicing the intricate more specific points of a move. I want to practice where my eyes should be and my confidence. That should be a pretty good work load for me.

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Goals are a good thing to think about :( After dancing 4-5 days a week earlier this year, I have had the past two months off. My "vocabulary" improved significantly this year, but I really need to work on maintaining my alignment, and my line (keep those darn shoulders down!). By the end of the year, I want proper alignment burned into my synapses and muscles, and a consistent, clean pirouette. I also need to work on my balance and strengthening my core, along with the strength needed to hold my extensions without sinking into my hip. <Sigh>...the ballet to-do list never ends!

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I'm on a mission to find my lost arabesque. I used to have one that was a happy 120 degrees. Now I can't find that one. The only ones I can find are...lower. Significantly lower. I miss the nice one and am on a mission to figure out where it has gone, go get it, and bring it back.

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My goals: more consistent double pirouettes on flat & pointe and a perfect penche (want to use that in my Christmas card!).

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What a good educationalist, making us set our goals! And also for remembering us lot down under (even if I am up top at the moment). Now that you have got me thinking (thank you), my goals for the rest of the year are:


1. To hold and work my turnout muscles harder and more consistently, always.

2. Strengthen them and give them more stamina, so that when we end a barre routine by holding an arabesque I do not gradually spiral back towards the barre over the next minute or so.

3. To always have a good solid releve with my working leg and foot positioned properly, in my preparation for pirouettes.

4. Not have my teacher shout at me, for failing to do any of the above.


I guess these are achievable, and will stand me in good stead for the rest.



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Currently the biggest problems I have are:


-- Not sit in my hips: My teacher has recently pointed out that I am placed and aligned correctly when I stand, but I'm not pulled up enough.


-- Elbows: I tend to always forget my elbows and they drop.


-- Performance: I tend to make a face / have a serious face in class. I need to have a happy face in class so I don't feel weird in performances.


So my goals are:

-- Pull up at all times (I found that this helps with my balance and turns so much!)

-- Elbows up!

-- Smile!!


And I'm applying for dance schools so my goal is to get accepted! :grinning:



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My goals are


In general to work on my turns - as a specific to get double pirouettes on pointe.


To work on keeping my eyes off the floor when I dance.


To control my pelvic alignment better.


To support my arms from my shoulder blades.

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-To learn moving center of gravity/alignment properly while doing a passé


-To have a clean passé on both sides with a proper angle (like on-point 90degrees to side without pressing my foot to my knee too much?)


-To be able to hold my passé for enough time


-To learn to spot properly during a regular pirouette (I'm already good at spotting during chaines and/or piquees :dizzy:)


-And therefore, to able to do "clean" 4th position pirouettes in all 4-ways (en dedans/dehors/right/left)


Ah they sound impossible right now..

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I am going back after a couple of months mostly off tonight. Yeah. My goal is to make it through class without aggravating my achy hip or injuring anything else.


My other goals for the year are as follows:

Work into a consistent schedule of.....

M-T-TH Ballet classes,

M-W-F Water exercise

W Pilates

F-Body recall


Maybe some added water exercise and cycling on my own on T-TH because a few more pounds off wouldnt hurt either. I want to jump again now that my feet have significantly improved from various complaints and it would be easier if I was lighter.


This is the plan to get me ready to think seriously about Richmond next year. Shortly before that time I might be able to do 2 Ballet classes on T and TH at 2 different schools. Realistically it could take two years to be ready because of my fibromyalgia issues, but starting now is the only way to get there ever.


I really need to get stronger and build stamina to avoid ballet injury all year.


One detail I want to fix is my saggy right elbow. Now that I have had the surgery that fixed the problem that prevented me from getting my arm right, I have to retrain those muscles to stop cheating it.


I'd say those were some pretty workable goals.



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