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DVD/Videos: on port de bras?

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I would like to buy a video about how to do/teach port de bras. I just need to improve how I teach it and come up with some new combinations for the arms and things like that.

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Try reading the Kostrovitskaya book, School of Classical Ballet as well as the introduction to the Tarasov book, Ballet Technique for the Male Dancer. Both are excellent.


As for a video, watch as many videos/dvds as possible of highly professional level classes of all age groups. Watch coordination and form. Arm movments and how they relate to the back are something to cover slowly and clearly. :thumbsup:

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Tanya Pearson from Australia has a dvd/video about the Art of Ports de bras.


go to www.classicalcoaching.com



she has 3 videos for sale , all excellent and well worth the money.

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There is also the Balanchine Essays (Merrill Ashley and Suki Schorer) that you might try, one being on Epaulement and Port de Bras. However these are difficult to come by and are strictly about the Balanchine Aesthetic.

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