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Gaynor Medden Resistabands???????????


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I just ordered them. If anyone has these, what parts of the body do you use them with. Also are they strong enough to work with the feet. That is mostly why I got them. Also, have you seen a great improvement and how long does it take to see results???????????? Thank you biggrin.gif

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The Gaynor Minden Resistabands come with a booklet of instructions. You can work a number of different areas of the body with them. They are strong enough for feet, although they are not the strongest therabands you can get. How long it takes to notice a difference would depend a great deal on how much and regularly you work with them, and that will vary for everyone. Can't answer that question, except to say that there is no magic wand, and while they will help, it will not be an instant thing at all. Nothing is. Ballet takes a long, long time and classes for life. Nothing involved in ballet happens quickly. Patience and perseverance are the key words here.

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