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Yesterday in class we did a preperation for a pirouette (en dehor from fourth position). I think I heard the teacher say the preperation was "temps lie, chasse, pas de bourree and then pirouette en dehor from fouth". I am wondering specifically about 'temps lie'?

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Ok - this is probably a really stupid question .. but here I go anyways...

I thought that temps leve was a jump and the first step of the combo was more of a glide (started in fifth, left foot front, facing front and then the left foot 'glided' or reached out to the side, then chasse then pas de bourree into fourth, then a pirouette. This is what I thought happened - but I could have misunderstood.

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In France, we do say "temps lié" meaning "linked step" , and it's done like you describe : a glissé in order to balance your weigh from two feet to the front one, and the combination we do is "temps lié, chassé,pas de bourrée, pirouette" too... :)

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How do chassé from the open position, if your foot is out to the side? A temps lié changes weight, and moves through second or fourth position. This can be done with a chassé movement, but I thought you meant that you did a temps lié and then a chassé? I'm just not sure what you mean. :)

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