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Concerns about Split Class


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I had my first ballet class as an adult on Tuesday and had quite a few problems!

I chose to sign up for a level 2 class (students who have some ballet training) but when I got to class it had been turned into a 2/3 split with the idea that the teacher would pick the students who were qualified to be in the 3 class and they would be taught by a different instructor.

I found the class very difficult! The class moved very quickly, and involved two steps that I had never done before. Everything was clearly explained, but I couldn't get the combinations correct- I am avidly following the petite allegro thread as that was by far the worst!



OK- that was more of a rant then I meant it to be! My big question is: Is it probable that the first class was set at more of a level 3 class to determine what students would qualify? And therefore, will the next classes be somewhat easier? I should say that level 2 is considered beginner, and 3 is intermediate!

My other question is: Does anyone have any experience (or advice) on what a class is like when two classes are being taught in the same studio but with different teachers??



Sorry for the long post, I'm a wee bit frustrated is all!! :sweating:

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I think it might be possible that the first class was harder to see who would go into the level 3 class. I do know from firsthand experience that sometimes levels are combined due to timing conflicts, lack of facilities, etc. For example, at my old studio in VA the ballet 8 and company classes were combined. The ballet 8 girls were much younger than the company girls and had a hard time keeping up. But at the same time they were challenged and saw the level they would need to be at to progress. It also gave the AD's a chance to work with them and try to nurture them into company level dancers while still keeping the classes difficult and challenging enough for the company girls.


Here in Hawaii I have noticed that the majority of the classes are combined. Either level II/III or Int./Adv. I think most teachers teach for the higher level in combined classes but also really explain and demonstrate much more for the lower level.


I'm unsure on your last question.......do you mean two classes going on at the same time with two different teachers in the same studio or do you mean two seperate classes (different times) each with its own teacher? I've experienced the latter and it hasn't been a problem. It is actually good to have different teachers because they each emphasize different things in class and see different corrections.


Hope I helped a little.




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Thanks for the quick reply!



The way it sounds, both levels will be taught in the same classroom at the same time, only with different teachers- The studio room was pretty small, I just think this will be horribly confusing!

Then again, maybe my head was so turned around after the class that I misunderstood what would be happening!

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Remember. too, that the first time in a new class or the first time you move up a level is often very difficult because your brain, muscles, and muscle-memory are shifting up a gear. It does get easier, as you get used to a new teacher, new combinations, and a new (or additional) vocabulary. And I think it's great that there were steps you didn't know -- how else does one learn?

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Surely they will not do two classes in the same studio, at the same time, with two teachers! I just don't think that can be done, and don't see any way that it could work for either level, OR for the teachers. Do find out and tell us that you misunderstood that! :sweating:

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Perhaps they meant that week 1 will be teacher A but then week 2 will be teacher B for the same class? Or maybe Mondays are teacher A and Thursdays teacher B? That would be reasonable. While it's always somewhat of a challenge to learn 2 different teaching styles, it can highly effective and eventually DOUBLES what you learn provided the teachers aren't just worlds apart.

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Well, to my very great relief it turns out that the 2 and 3 classes are only doing warm up together, and then the 3's leave for a different studio while the 2's are left to a still very hard (but not nearly as hard as the first day) class!

I am really happy as our teacher pushes us HARD and gives great corrections. She is also very clear with her expectations. It is perfect! :wink:

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