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major flexibility help


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I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. I'm 17 and I've been back to dancing for a year now and I still can't do the splits. I'm around 6 inches off the ground in right leg front splits, and a whole foot above the ground in center splits. there are girls in my classes who have less training than me and can do the splits already. i take 3 dance classes a week. I thought that would help but I guess not yet.

does anyone know a really good stretch that helps with flexibility?

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Yes, splits.


There's nothing wrong with you, and splits are only a stretch, not a goal in themselves. If you're career-oriented, you need more classes, but if you're on a recreational track, are we having fun yet?

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That's fine, and the fact that you want to have the best form possible shows that you have good taste, which is even finer.


Since you were dancing when you were younger, adolescence has intervened, and many people find that they tighten up when all those new hormones kick in. All you can do for increasing flexibility in splits is to make sure that you are well warmed up, then begin to do some more splits. Stay in control of them, and don't try to go crashing down to force them. That's only going to result in injury.

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