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How about Yvonne Mounsey's Westside School of Ballet? And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.

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Welcome to the Adult Students section of BT4D. There's lots here that you'll enjoy reading, and we hope you'll share your ideas and stories.


If you're looking for open classes for adults in your area, the Adult Buddy Board is the best place, so I'm moving this there. If you tell us roughly what area, and what standard/level of class you're looking for, there's generally lots of local knowledge here.


Good luck and happy dancing!

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My college is in Eagle Rock, CA, which is between Glendale and Pasadena and in the L.A. County. I'm looking for an intermediate class, and possibly pointe classes in the future (my current instructor says I should be ready to try pointe in about a month or so). Thanks! :lol:








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Here's one list you might find helpful:




Perhaps Burbank School of Ballet might be of interest? It's not too far from you. There's also Le Studio Dance in Pasadena (a weird name, but it looks like they have a good course schedule for upper levels, which is usually a sign of better quality instruction.) Of course, you can always take Major Mel's advice and drop in on Westside on the weekends or when you have some time... it's a wonderful school. I trained there with Rosemary Valaire in my younger days... her passing is a great loss to all of us who knew her.


Unfortunately, most of my personal knowledge is Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange. Don't know a lot in the San Gabriel Valley, so I can't vouch for any of the schools out there.

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Thanks so much! I'll definitely look into those. If you do know of more in LA, I'm not sure exactly where you mean, but I am quite close to Hollywood. Thanks again! =)

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there are a number of classes with different teachers at dance arts academy on la brea at wilshire -- some teachers are more engaged with their classes than others -- perhaps others on the board can chime in.


there are also classes at the edge in hollywood -- although primarily jazz and hip hop they have high quality ballet teachers

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Well, in that case, there's Hollywood Dance Center, which I know because they rent their studios (don't know about the quality of teaching.)


California Dance Theater in Agoura Hills is supposed to be quite good, but a hike for you. They have an incredible schedule, and the students I have seen have lovely technique. CDT Website


There's also Los Angeles Ballet Academy in Reseda, which is a graded RAD program. They don't look like they have any specific adult classes. I'm not a huge fan of RAD for anyone but pre-pro and the most dedicated recreational students, just because they require so many syllabus classes, though at least you know the training will be consistent. LABA Website


If you're going to drive, though, you can't go wrong with Westside (especially if you have days off from classes). I may be biased. :D And by the way, I personally have a 60-70 minute drive to my classes, depending on traffic, which is a pain, so I don't suggest these lightly!

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I'll also direct you to the PrePro School General Discussion forum where there are threads on finding good schools for many areas of the country and abroad. Sort the forum by topic title. All of these threads begin with: Ballet Schools in... followed by the state/city. If you don't find a thread for the area of interest, start a new one using this title guideline. There is a larger audience on that forum and you will likely get many good suggestions!

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