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Different Foot Arches


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People say that I have good feet, but I feel like all of the arch of my foot comes from my toes because my toes are very flexible. Is this good/bad? I really love the look of that gorgeous arch that comes from the ankle. Is their a way to achieve that look or is it just genetics, and there can't be anything done.

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feet, I know you are relatively new here, but do take some time to read previous topics, because there are hundreds of them about feet, stretching them, improving them, using them, and how to do all of the above. You will find that the word from the teachers is always the same, however, and that is tendus, tendus, tendus, and more tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, and frappeés! Stretching every day with a theraband is also very helpful.


You can improve them, but how much is relative to each individual and there is no way we can tell you that. The most important is to learn how to use them SO well that they LOOK really good, even if they do not have that natural high instep. :rolleyes:

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