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Strengthening Extensions w/ Elastic Band


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Sometimes I notice other dancers either strengthening or stretching their arabesque/penche with an elastic band, and I was wondering if any of the moderators knew what this was and the directions on how to do it.


What I really need to strengthen is my extension en devant, so something for that would be great too.



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I'm going to turn you over to Ms. Leigh, who is our resident Therabanda Ballerina Assoluta!

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Berry66, I really do not recommend using the theraband for stretching extensions. Extensions are improved by working on them in class, under supervision from your teacher, and some stretching, like splits, after barre or after the class. These stretches need to be done when you are warmed up.


You also need to understand that very often extensions are not really strong, or probably as high as they can be, unless one is exceptionally flexible naturally, until after you finish growing. So, if you are only 13 oe 14, it may take a little more time before you reach your best extensions. Working hard in classes, and doing things very correctly placed, is still the best way to improve. :blink:

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