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Anything positive about hyperextension???


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DD decided to change ballet schools and started classes last week. DD came home from her last class & said the teacher told her that she had amazing legs, perfect for ballet. She has also told my DD that her legs are hyperextended. The teacher is apparently going to teach her how to use them. I am a little confused though. The teacher has given my DD the impression that this is a positive thing but I have read many comments on BT4D about hyperextension and it seems to me like this is going to be more of a nuisance for my DD then anything else. I think from reading the posts that I understand how this can be negative but can anyone clarify for me how this could be positive, if at all? I am so confused.

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It is positive because of the line it creates. If she also has good feet, good flexibility, and good rotation, her lines will be exceptional. :blink:


It is a bit harder to work with, but not that bad once she understands how to do it correctly. Sounds like her new teacher is right on top of it, and this is very good news.

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Yes, Ms. Leigh I have been told she has beautiful feet and her flexibility is good as well. I do not know about good rotation part? I will ask or have my DD ask (if she doesn't already know).


It has only been a week but I am happy to report that DD has made the change to the new school with no issues. For the first time in a very long time she is coming out of ballet class smiling and very happy! She is getting a lot of personal attention and positive feedback and I can see a change in her confidence level already. I am so relieved and happy for her!

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