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Is ballet training appropriate for other dance forms?


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Before I begin, let me clarify by stating that I believe that ballet is foundational for other forms of dance such as jazz, modern, etc. My 11yo dd is at a pre-pro school and we are very happy there. She is serious about her dance training right now but somehow I don't picture her as a ballerina. *If* she were to pursue another interest such as Broadway/music theater or ballroom when she gets older, would ballet have been the proper training for her? Is there something else to supplement?


She does take one tap class offered at our studio and just adores it. The girls at her level take a funky jazz class, but starting at Level 4 and up, 'jazz' is more of a modern class. She has also taken a Flamenco class before and enjoyed it very much. Then she comes back and says she loves the discipline and work of ballet. I think she just loves to move! :D

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Ballet is a very good foundation for all dance forms however if one is thinking to pursue Broadway, jazz and tap, at a high level will better prepare a dancer for that track. :D

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Yes, ballet will help your daughter in musical theatre. I have an older "ballerina" daughter and a younger (13) daughter who doesn't like ballet at all. This younger daughter is into musical theatre and has performed professionally. She used to take ballet because it was required at her tap studio. She was thrilled when it wasn't required anymore. Then this summer she realized how much quitting ballet has really set her back in musical theatre. Now, she wants to take more ballet to catch up. It really helps with all movement on stage. It is the foundation and if the foundation isn't strong, the rest falls apart. It's good that she takes tap and she could start taking voice and acting classes if she really wants to do musical theatre. The nice thing about musical theatre is that it's never "too late" to start, unlike ballet. It's great that she loves the discipline and work of ballet. That attitute and strong work ethic will get her far in whatever she pursues.

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