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Anyone at Pinapple at the moment?


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This week I am doing some classes at Pineapple (Ian Knowles, 3pm, Mon, Wed, Fri), the so-called 'Elem' class (hollow laugh). If there is anyone on this board who goes there too, it would be nice to say hello. Its pretty obvious who I am, since I am the visiting older guy in black who chickens out of the difficult bits. It would be nice to be able to put a face to a London correspondent on this board if I have the chance. Tomorrow (Fri) is my last day.



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I was at the Big Pineapple not that long ago, but i think this is a different thing you are talking about. LOL.

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Yes, if you tried ballet there, you'd get some funny looks.



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about as funny as the look i got the first time i was there and looked at the plantation and said What are they?

The response was 'pineapples'.

To which i replied "don't pineapples grow on trees?"....


I had just bleached my hair and was possibly suffering chemical after effects. However i honestly thought that because of the song Agadoo - push pineapples shake the tree, meant that pineapples grew on trees. :wink:

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