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Il y a besoin d'une chambre pour les miserables pour le mois de Septembre. (Francophiles, please fix my French!)


I just noticed people are having to post on an old wine couch where they and their problems might go unnoticed. But now I feel I must contribute to this new one or it's silly to have opened it. So, here: I have the sorest soleuses (solei?) ever and must get them relaxed again before I can take class tmw night.

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I've got two minor whines...


One is that I seemed to have absolutely no balance this week. Does that happen to others? Some classes I feel like my balance is rock-solid, but not this week!


The other is that I'm still at just one class. I know of another class I could take (and have tried in the past). The problem for me is that it's above my current level, with hardly anything said during barre in terms of instruction or corrections. I found a class called "ballet 1 and 2" that is a mere 45 minutes, followed by a 1 hour 15 minute open adult class. I've taken from that teacher too, once, and was kind of floundering.

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Any return to a regular schedule of dancing has been postponed indefinitely. I had a seizure Thursday night (I've never had one before but I take one medication that interacts with three others and lowers the seizure threshold........so I'm thinking that was probably the cause of it.) and have been having severe complications from my mitral valve prolapse. I despise going to the doctor but these things have scared the poopie out of me and I have an appointment at 10:20 tomorrow morning. I have a feeling that a whole lot of tests are in my foreseeable future.

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Went to the doc yesterday. No clue what the convulsing was Thursday night. Because I was aware of what was going on it doesn't fit the classic seizure definition; despite the fact that I had no control over what was happening.


The heart part is weird. Doc heard clicking in the mitral valve but he also heard a murmur either in the aortic or pulminary valve......right in the center of my chest. I had to go down to the hospital immediately for bloodwork and an EKG. I passed out flat as a fritter in the lab while they were drawing blood. How come people NEVER listen when I TELL them I pass out?! I was completely out but my boyfriend was with me and said it freaked them out so bad in the lab they pulled the emergency cord and got on the intercom paging for help. Two nurses and a doctor came running from the ER. I woke up pulled down in the chair with my legs up in the air. Then I had to sit there for about 45 minutes until my eyes stopped looking glassy. I got a yummy straight glucose drink out of the deal though. Then I went for my EKG. I didn't pass out on them.


I went back to work and when I came home I was still having severe pain. My boyfriend loaded me up in the car and took me to the emergency room. I was admitted for observation for about three hours. My bloodwork and EKG from earlier were both fine. There was a cardiologist on duty who reviewed it and didn't see anything. They ran another EKG and did chest xrays and they were also both fine. There was no clicking of the mitral valve and no murmur in the center either. I asked why I was having the pain and shortness of breath and the doctor told me he flat out couldn't tell me why.......but that I wasn't having a heart attack and therefore there was no justification for keeping me.


Anyways, long story short..........I have to go for a stress test and an echocardiogram in the next couple of weeks. ER doc said it could be something as simple as a blood vessel being wonky that they can't hear and the EKG's don't pick up. Apparently the echo will tell the tale.





PS - And all I wanna do is take ballet classes.

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