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Nutcracker Costume/Makeup Advice


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Our Nut used to require the parents to curl their dancer's hair into ringlets. But about four years ago we started to purchase hair pieces that attach over the bun. So it is a huge time savings.


I would love to hear any other ideas companies have used to make hair/makeup/costumes easier. And to facilitate quick changes.


We have used very thick white face paint for soldier. It tends to irritate the skin, any advice?

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Apply a thin, even coat of Clown White over the face, then powder well with white face powder.

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We use black electricial tape cut into small triangles as eyelashes for Act 1 dolls. They are easy to get off especially if you also dance in Snow.

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Here's a thread on curls for Party/Clara:

Nut Party Hair


And this one:

Nut hair


This is a general one about stage make-up:General stage make-up tips


Here's one on the white make-up:

White 'clown' make-up


And one on red, rosy cheeks:

Soldier/Doll Cheeks for Nut


I am pretty sure there are more, and I'll add them as find them!!



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Our ballet company has the dancers that are mice also be angels. They put their gray tights over their pink ones for a quick change from mouse to angel.


DD was a sleigh toy last year & I found that taking a bit of extra time to braid her buns was well worth the effort. I didn't get as many wispies & was easier to hairpin in place.

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