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If your young family enjoys somewhat cheesy, funny Disney movies, I suggest seeing this new movie. The basic premise is a professional quarterback finds out he is a dad to an 8 year old and her passion is ballet. Some scenes are set at a well known ballet school with the school's students dancing in the scenes (we know someone from that school in the movie) and a ballet recital is part of the plot. The "kicker" here is that this celebrity dad is asked to participate in the recital and has to practice for it. I am not going to give away anything else here, but it is clear to him that ballet dancers are athletes.


We saw the sneak preview tonight, but it opens on September 28. :wink:

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My son wants to see that one so I'll be there. Thanks for the heads-up about ballet- I saw that she danced in the commercials but didn't know that this might be a positive for the art form!!

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thanks for the heads up, lsu. I went to the movie's website and looked at what I think were the production notes....they list all the dancers in the film, so that was kind of nice! The school credited in the notes is the Boston Ballet School.


Looks like a cute film that many of us will enjoy....not just for the dancing, but because it's about a parent who really has to take stock of things and learn about both the joys and responsibilities of that job!


Here is a link to the website:




It's quite a sophisticated site - a little tough on my aging computer.



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I saw the movie almost a week ago as many of my friends are dancing in it. I thought it was cute although it dragged on in bits. Not a lot of dancing but still so much fun to see my friends on the big screen!!!!

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I saw this movie yesterday, and i thought they did a good job with the ballet portions. I've never been a big fan of "The Rock", but I have to admit that he was really pretty good in this. The ballet students they showed looked like they must have had a great time making the movie--the smiles looked pretty genuine.


It's an enjoyable family movie. There was a boy about 10 or 11 next to me who really got into it--to the point where I heard the poor fella sniffling quite a bit during the sad part. But don't worry, it all ends happily. :P

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This was such an experience! Me and many of my friends were cast as extra dancers. Let me tell you, so much more happens behind the cameras than you would think.

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Glad you had that 'experience' ballet4life, and glad you found our site!!!


Feel free to share a bit more about your work on the film. It must have been great. :(


Just a side note too- please remember to use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization as you write. You can go back to your previous posts and edit them by clicking on the 'Edit' button located at the bottom of your posts. We have members here from all over the world so we try to be sure everyone understands each post since English may be their second language. :thumbsup:

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