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If you're seeking information about Adult ballet classes ...


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BT4D is very useful for those of us trying to pinpoint good adult ballet classes, when we're moving, or travelling, or just looking for new studios where we live.


We're going to try a new way of doing this by using the Pre-Professional Schools General Discussion forum for posting requests about Adult classes, rather than posting multiple threads here.


This may seem a bit odd at first, if only because we've had plenty of discussion here about the way some schools seem rather dismissive of adult dancers. But there is a lot of information and knowledge there - most good Pre-Pro schools (to use the US nomenclature) have adult classes, and we'll be tapping into the vast knowledge of teen dancers and their parents about adult classes and the qualities of the teachers.


If you have a look at that forum, you'll see that it's organised in a very easy to use manner, with most threads starting "Ballet schools in ..." This way, the Adult Dancer's experience will add to the rich mix of BT4D. (It might also be said that the way a pre-pro school treats its adult students may well be a good guide to the ethos of the school overall :) )


So, if you're looking for an Adult Ballet class, try searching the Pre-Pro Schools General Discussion forum, and if you can't find something in the area you're looking for, then start a new thread in that forum, rather than here. We'll review this after a few months to see if it's helping people gather the information they need.

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Just to update: we've changed the policy. Here's what we'd prefer people did:


For the last few years we've asked that if you are seeking recommendations for good adult ballet classes or programmes, you post your request in the Pre-Professional General Education forum, on the principle that a good pre-professional school is likely to have a good adult programme, or that regular readers of the pre-pro forum will have advice about good classes in their area.

However, as that forum is now organised alphabetically for ease of reference, we're finding that most of the first page is taken up with requests for Adult classes. So we're going back to placing requests for information about classes in the Adult Ballet Students forum, here.

Can we follow the same protocol:

Give your post the title:
Adult Ballet Classes (space)- (dash) (space) general area
specific area

For example:
Adult Ballet Classes - Texas
In the topic description box, it says, "Dallas"

Thanks for your co-operation.

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