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Dawid Kupinski

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Hi, I´m wondering if you know which company Dawid Kupinski is in?

I think he has left the Royal Danish Ballet beacuse i can´t find him there,

I can´t find any news about him on the net do you know anything about it :P

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This link should help answer your question:




(he is now with Cross Connections Ballet)





Thank you so much for the links, I have spotted a few other dancers that are in the Royal Danish ballet who are now in the cross conncetions ballet, does this mean that they have quit their work at the Royal Danish Ballet :):angry:

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Not necessarily. It depends on the balletmaster and the Office of the Theatre Chief. Historically, the RDB has been generally open to dancers dancing elsewhere and returning, but there have been periods where this practice was rather usual, and periods where it nearly dropped out of sight.

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If he's not listed on the Royal Danish site anymore, my guess would be that he isn't performing with them any longer.



well Dawid isn´t preforming with the royal danish ballet that´s for sure, i don´t know what´s going on with the rest :angry:

they are all on the list but i can´t get Izabela sokolowska out of my head last season she did dance as Caroline Mathilde and she isn´t on the roll list this season.

But maybe she´s taken a break from the company :)

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