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Change of Life....


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I got the news today that my husband is being deployed to Iraq.....and my family is moving to Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta. As I'm not really going to do well left by myself in Michigan, I'm moving with my family to Georgia, where Nick and I will start a new life once he returns from overseas.


Question: What is the best way of finding a new dance studio? I want to keep up with my studies....

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a)The index in the back of Dance Magazine under "Georgia"

b)the online version of the Yellow Pages for your particular city in Georgia- key words "dance," "ballet,"


c)or the regular old Google/Yahoo search for "Georgia" and "dance."

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Or, d), tell me the city, and I might be able to help you. I live about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, outside of Atlanta, and I teach at Atlanta Ballet. However, I also know of a few other schools outside of Atlanta which are good.

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I will keep Rick in my prayers for his safe return. Like every big city, Atlanta is big and traffic is messy. A great studio might as well be in Hawaii if you can't get there easily.



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Irishprincess, that's a tough set of changes to face.


To find a class, have a look in this forum:

Pre-Pro Schools -- General Discussion


This thread might be a good start:

Ballet schools in Atlanta - Georgia area


and if you don't find something near where you'll be, post a thread starting with the title "Ballet schools in ..."


I'm going to move this thread to the Buddy Board, which is where topics like this are best found.

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Since your husband is an armed services member, and if you're feeling stressed, consider the Family Counseling unit of Dependent Services, which sees a lot of dependents facing PCS (permanent change of station) or even TDY (temporary duty) which will occasion a lengthy time unaccompanied. You seem to be doing a wise thing, but if you need any close-in morale support, Dependent Services is a good way to go.

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