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Ballet Schools in Canada - Calgary, Alberta


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I am looking for the names of two of three ballet schools in Calgary for a 10 year old girl. They can either be RAD or Cecchetti based. The school should be well established with a proven track record. Ballet should be the primary focus and all teachers would be certified. I have already suggested School of Alberta Ballet, but it would be nice for the child to take a look at other options as well.


Thank you!

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I would suggest the International School of Ballet in SE Calgary at Heritage and Macleod Trail. This is a RAD curriculum school that really focuses on technique. The owner, Umran Sumen is originally from Turkey and is very well known in Calgary ballet circles. She is a past recipient of the Immigrants of Distinction Award. Mrs. Sumen is an accredited RAD teacher and oversees examiners in western Canada.


A recent graduate of the school is now an apprentice with the Naitonal Ballet of Canada and girls in the upper levels (Adv1 and2) regularly attend summer intensives in the US.


There is a ballet company associated with the school called Jeunesse Classique Ballet that all ballet students from Calgary and the surrounding area are welcome to audtion for in the fall. JCB performs the classic the Nutcracker in Airdrie and Calgary in December to sold out theatres. Their 20th anniversary is this year and a full production of Coppelia is planned for May 2008.


Phone number is 253-7550. A prospective student would always be welcome to come an take a class to see how they like it.


My DD attends this school and has greatly benefitted from Mrs. Sumen's teaching and also from the other teachers at the school. ISB hold their own summer school in the summer which all students are encouraged to attend, for which Mrs. Sumen brings in top teachers from the states.


If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them for you. Tutumonkey :)

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