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5th position?


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... I have noticed that the further into the semester we get the better my fifth position is getting AND the looser my pants are fitting in the hips and thighs.

That's my experience as well. :wink:


Two things I've heard from two teachers:


1) Thighs DO get in the way - you can get a better starting 5th at the barre by sliding one foot from tendu front or back to 5th. You lose it on tendu side of course, but having it at least some of the time helps get it into the muscle memory.


2) One teacher insisted that adult students - especially men - should generally not even try for a real "Vaganova 5th" (her terminology), but back off to something between 3rd and 5th. I can now fit my heel in the natural pocket just past my incipient bunion, with maybe 100 degrees of turnout - beyond that and I'm kidding myself about what I can do, and my knees will tell me about it the next day! B) In fact, my 4th is also a little wider as well. It's only an inch or two, but it has made a big difference. This small change helped my turns quite a lot, probably because it allowed the rest of the alignment to be more correct.


My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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LOL on the tendu - I sooooo have that happening! Then I am muttering to myself (as if that will make my legs behave) while the teacher is staring at me like I am a lunatic LOL.

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