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I'm not a frequent enough flyer, but I'm going to start this one...


Not a specific moment that deserves some champagne here, but rather a string of events, opportunities, and realizations.

In addition to classes 3 days a week (ballet, modern, floor barre, and pointe), I've been in rehearsals 3 days a week - Fridays it's 2 classes and a rehearsal. Two of those rehearsals are for a modern piece we're performing with the NC Dance Festival's stay here in Boone later this month. The other rehearsal is for the School of Music's Opera Workshop - "Ein Souper heut Uns Winkt" and "Bruderlein und Schwesterlein" from "Die Fledermaus" and "Italian Street Song" from "Naughty Marietta". Not only is it great to be in rehearsals for dance again post-injury, but I'm getting to work with my two favorite dance professors and two talented, but very different groups of dancers.

Today I got to participate in a wonderful modern master class with HMK Dance out of NYC, then attended a very enlightening lecutre\demonstration with them that provided a lot of fuel for my quest to combine my acting training with my dancing.

And - super excited about this!! - on Thursday the Richmond Ballet is coming to App State to give us 2 master classes (one beginning, one intermediate\advanced level)! In my 5 years up here we've had many modern master classes, but never a ballet master class, so I'm both excited and scared; I have no clue what to expect. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of who is teaching. Oops. Then, Friday evening, the Richmond Ballet is performing in the area and 30+ of us from the university are attending the performance.

Basically, I've been given more great opportunities this semester than I could have ever imagined and I'm just rolling in it!!

And last week my ballet professor said I had a really nice arabesque... And it was en pointe... Aww... :wub:

Woo-hoo, champagne!



Edit: Malcolm Burn will be teaching the RB class

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After 20 years of not dancing I went back to ballet class to get in shape, today I did 64 jumps - now tomorrow I may not be able to get out of bed, but I did manage to keep up with the college girls half my age (who were the same age as my oldest son!)

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I started ballet, dance for that matter, in January 2007. With much gratitude to my private instructions teacher, I am no longer a true beginner.


I love my teacher to pieces--she keeps my learning curve steep without pushing me over the edge; she is a mentor who's given me sound advice (and a piece of her mind when I got testy with her); she does not compromise correct technique and placement, yet balances precision with what I am able to deliver; she keenly observes me--my dance movement, my body language, my words, that I feel she knows me quite well; and, she is a mother to me, hugging me when my frustration spills over the top, and always gives me encouragement with that warmest of smiles.


Because of my teacher's patience and diligence, I found the courage to start attending Intermediate Beginner classes. I've observed the class beforehand, and I know that the challenge is enormous, but not insurmountable.


And so I raise my champagne to honor her, a complete and true teacher :clapping:

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Not really a moment, but a celebration - I'm taking three classes this week and ought to be able to take 2-3 a week now for ... well, until circumstances change, as they often seem to do! :P But for now I'm happy with my increased classes. :clapping:


And, I had one decent, controlled pirouette last night. They're still not anywhere close to consistent, but at least they're happening occasionally.

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And so I raise my champagne to honor her, a complete and true teacher B)


Huzzah! I second that one!!! And yay for you coming so far so quickly!


Yesterday in the master class Malcolm Burn gave us he kept picking on me, but I think it was in a good way - I was his demo\example girl for developpes, arabesque, and penchee at the barre. Then, in the center, he used me as the demo\example when giving us the adagio from Giselle and then for pas de chats.

Then he promptly lost me (and half the class) in allegro, but hey - 2.5\3ish years of ballet under my belt interrupted by a broken foot in February and I hung in there for almost 2 of his master classes in a row. And it was nice to see the professor that got me into ballet (and dance as a whole), has taught me everything, and is my guru\idol\hero, get to take a class instead of give one.

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Well, this isn't as good as the technical triumphs (congratulations to all of you), but is really good in a long-term health way.


I went to my annual doctor's appointment recently. My doctor was dismayed by my feet, and skeptical about ballet as my chosen form of exercise. Her opinion was that it's too punishing on the body. By the end of the exam, and after reviewing the results of my blood tests, she said "keep doing what you're doing!".


It was great to have that kind of validation from someone who is objective to the point of being skeptical, and doesn't know how much I enjoy my classes.

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PSS, I did that once! I had a back doctor tell me that dancing was incredible awful for me, how dare I even attempt it, and literally scolded me for the entire appointment. Then, they checked my flexibility and range, muscle strength.....he wasn't humble enough to outwardly say he was sorry, but I appreciated the look of "opps" on his face!

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I am ecstatic because i honestly thought i had done poorly due to nerves, and in some categories that did reflect in my marks, but i still scraped through into a merit, and not just a pass which is what i wanted. :sweating:


Yay for me, yay for me, yay for me. Not bad for a 27 year old hey!

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Wow, Appleblossom! that is wonderful & no small achievement. Many congratulations. :sweating::blushing::o

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Can I do a teacher's achievement??


Firstly I got my very first student through her RAD Advanced 1 with a Merit, yay! (I only took the exam myself 2 years ago). Plus, 2 of my students have just gone off to dance college (not ballet school, they do all forms of dance) and they absolutely love it. I've had lovely e-mails from them saying thank you and I've changed their lives etc etc.


One of the girls is even doing ballet with the 3rd years because she's so far ahead of the 1st years - they're expecting her to take her Advanced 2 next summer. Feeling very proud of them!

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I never post on here! This is gonna be fun!!



I did a level six Vaganova (?) class yesterday for the first time...and didn't look like a complete fish out of water! PLUS, I balanced my crappy little first arabesque on both legs!! AND completed several really nice single pirouettes! I almost felt confident about my dancing, kind of sort of!

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Wasn't able to PM to you. Where in Michigan are you taking classes? I'm alway looking for more ballet class opportunities!




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I take classes in Spring Arbor....it's near Jackson, MI.


Even though I'm very familiar with your area, I'm NE of Detroit so that would be a real hike for me! Thanks anyway.


Now I'll return this thread to the champagne sippers.

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