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The difference in styles


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As my dd is now in Grade 6 and doing Inter-foundation, I was wondering where she would possibly be if she was doing another style? How much further does she have to go in RAD and what are some of the things we should be looking for in her future?

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At 12-13, your dancer is right where she should be, all other factors being equal. In the Cecchetti Method, she would probably be in the Elementary Curriculum. Assuming the School of American Ballet to be representative of the Balanchine system, she would be in about level A. Other schools have other curricula, and I know virtually nothing about the typical Vaganova student in Russia.


In RAD, she has yet to do Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, and the optional Solo Seal.

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In the Vaganova method, she would be the 3rd year of study with the goals of the year being:


Increase and strengthen the turn out and stability of the legs. Exercises are given in varying tempi and more quickly, in comparison to 2nd year work. Increase in artistic freedom in structured port de bras. Exercises done to demi pointe and on demi pointe in the centre of the room. Elementary movements done en tournant. Beginning of study of tours in sur le cou de pied and batterie.

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Thanks for that concise description of year 3 of the Vaganova syllabus, vrsfanatic. My dd is in year 3 at a Vaganova based school, and I recognize from your description all the things my dd is now doing around the house! :(

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