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Apparently I make faces and I am too tense when I dance. Ive gotten that correction so much in the last two weeks! :( Yesterday my main teacher said that I was much more relaxed and I made barely any faces at barre or adagio. In fact, I was fine until we were doing multiple pirouettes across the floor in a combination. I can't seem to stop myself from making faces when doing more then one pirouette! I even tried smiling thinking I couldn't make a face if I was smiling, but I Still made a face. Do you have any suggestions on how I could fix this?

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This is a challenging thing to correct, but not impossible! :( Learning to smile and relax your face is a very important step. Speak with your teacher to let it be known what it is you are approaching and you may find you have a great deal in common in terms of goals. It will take two, since most likely you do not know when you are making the faces. It is more about trying so hard to achieve and tensing everything at once to do it. As a performing art, this is not the best way to "achieve", although some results will be "accomplished", but you may look a bit odd while "accomplishing".


Try to shift your focus to the usage of your head and eyes in port de bras. Focus beyond the length of your arms. Remember when you see yourself in the mirror, if you are not facing enface, you are most likely not focusing correctly.

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thank you so much for the advice! :) I think my problem is exactly what you said; I tense up all over trying to achieve. I will definetely do my best to put your advice into practice. :D Thankfully I don't think my teacher will let me get away with making faces - shes been calling me out on it every time.

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