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Open class at ENB

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I took the open class at ENB last Sunday and was hoping to meet with some of you whilst there, was it too short notice?

I received an email about it the Friday before and applied immediately as I know how quickly these places get booked up. I went along with a friend of mine and we had a great time. It was a little daunting for me as I have only just completed three years of ballet and that was the minimum requirement for the intermediate class, it was that or the complete beginner introductory class.

I enjoyed it very much and learnt alot but expected the class to be bigger, I think there was around twelve of us altogether.

I missed meeting you guys :(

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Further wrist surgery permitting, I'll be at the choreographic workshop in November. Who else will be there?

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Wish I could be Redbookish but my best friends baby is due and I have promised to be there for her, I hope you all enjoy it :(

Also hope your wrist will be ok.

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I will be travelling abroad for most of the weekends in November, thus the chances are very little that I will be able to attend the workshop, but I am curious to hear from those who can attend. Have fun :-)

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what? i haven't heard about the workshop! do you know what weekend it is? my term looks so packed already... and all we've done is orientation.....

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Cassy, I think 12 in a class would be great! My classes at the moment have 20 to 24 in them. Even in our lovely big studios, it's crowded.


The choreographic workshop is the first weekend in November.

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It was great Redbookish :flowers: , I just imagined that from previous experience the class would be full to the brim. A few times I have tried to book a place, to recieve a message stating that class is already full.


Im used to a class size of between five and ten so its not much of a difference for me, although I found it more challenging as I have only just completed my third year. I would still class myself as a beginner but the introductory class at ENB was for complete beginners - those who have never taken a ballet class before.


The class was alot of fun and we received good corrections, I really liked the teacher. The upper studio is fabulous :sweating:


DSL - hope you are enjoying yourself and your travels.


Ami - How are you getting on? How long have you been studying ballet for now?

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heee heee... cassy, maybe we're all better off if I don't answer that question! :blushing::oB)

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