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I had this amazing teacher who was just beginning to work with me privately....she had a great understanding of my back, my skills, what I knew, and just went with it.....I FELT myself improving everytime we met (no matter how much getting out of bed was evil the next morning).

In circumstances out of her control, she moved out of the state. She's still teaching, but I am left tutorless. I miss her desperately, and wish so much to continue in that area of study.


Now that I'm moving to Georgia, what's the best way to go about finding a private tutor? I'm not really impressed with the company girls (under 18) teaching privately at my studio.

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Irishprincess, I remember you mentioning before that you are moving to GA, but I don't think we know where. An hour outside of Atlanta in which direction? We might be able to provide more help if we knew the location better. I read back through your early posts, and while I normally don't recommend private instruction, your back situation might make it so that working one on one would be best, as long as the teacher has the knowledge of how to work with this problem.

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A little town known as Carrollton. Couldn't tell you the surrounding area, but it's almost directly between Atlanta and Birmingham (AL).


You don't usually recommend private? If you don't mind my asking, why?

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Okay, Carrollton is west and a bit south of Atlanta. I don't know anyone in that area, but I will try to find out who is there.


As for privates, I generally think that, if one has quality teaching and consistent classes, privates are not necessary. However, they are good for coaching, and also if someone has a particular problem that needs to be addressed more specifically than one can do in a class.

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Thanks, Victoria! It's nice to have connections.


I suppose that makes sense....you shouldn't need a tutor, but if you do, they're a help.


Me, I definately need one...:-p

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