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Number of Classes Per Week


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DS is 9 1/2 and serious about ballet. Currently takes 3 hours total (2x/wk) with same teacher (former dancer with 2 world-class companies) and will also do private lesson 1x/week with same in order to move faster and hone skills. DS is also in a Nutcracker production, whose choreographer has many times noted he wished DS was at his affiliated school.


Is it a good idea for children to take classes with different teachers? How many classes per week should he be taking?

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Not quite 10, and taking 2 1.5 hour classes a week? Fine. Nothing wrong with that. I don't know that a private lesson would be worth it, just another technique class, if you're going to add anything.


It's not a really good idea for young children to split teachers, especially if they teach different methods of ballet from one another. Better to wait until they're at least functioning at an intermediate level before adding another curriculum to their vocabulary.

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How many classes per week should he be taking?


Hi, PBS! I have a son just a bit younger than yours who is also serious about ballet. I hope you'll take time to read through the past posts on the "Parents of Boys" board. It was amazing how much I learned about ballet training by simply taking a few days to read them!!


My son attends a ballet school associated with a large company and is well-known for quality training of boys (so I trust their judgement in regards to hours of training). A 9.5 year old boy at this school would be at Level 2 or 3 (out of 8 levels). Level 2 boys attend two 1 hour classes a week and Level 3 boys attend three 1 hour classes each week. Training doesn't become a serious time commitment until Level 4 and 5. I personally appreciate the low hours at this point as it's giving my son a chance to explore other sports such as Tae Kwon Do, football, baseball, etc. So far he doesn't like anything as well as he likes ballet, but I think it's a good thing that he's at least tried them. He won't have that luxury in a few years when his ballet training hours pick up!

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Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful. My son would be happy with ballet 5x per week, but for now, we'll keep it to 2-3x. May add an all-boys class in 2008, if possible (he is the only boy in his class....usual story, i guess).

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