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Ballet attire -- undergarments


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I've just moved this thread to the Buddy Board, as it's more of a Buddy Board than a Technique topic (which is what the Adult Students forum is mainly for).


And if there is a discussion of the medical conditions around menstruation, best to take those to the Ballet-Related Health and Nutrition Forum. There are several doctors & nurses who moderate that forum, who can give expert & ballet-related advice.


Moderator's hat off -- Lampwick, I love the sound of spray-on perfect legs!! :D And I too, in studio shows (although just student shows -- not your level at all!), have performed in just a leotard and shoes (or bare feet). All the things people worry about here can be dealt with quite easily, and really, in the end, it's the dance that counts :devil:

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"I love the sound of spray-on perfect legs!! "


But for us blokes, it's called "hairy legs in a can".



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Sorry, I'm going a bit off topic here...


The feminist revolution and the introduction of tempons & the contraceptive pill led to a demedicalising of menstruation. Suddenly women could do anything during menstruation- look at the advertisements- go swimming, hoerseriding, everything. Women were encouarged to not view it as a medical condition- you get on with life, don't let periods stop you doing anything.


In my younger days, I could do that. I did athletics, gymnastics, hiking and sailing while menstruating, with nary a problem.


But many women can't just get on with things due to heavy bleeding and/or severe pain. And that includes me now- I've thrown up from the level of pain before, bled through clothing, and been competely incapacitated from pain. This started at around age 28, so i hope that its not perimenopause yet!


So we need to recognise that there is a wide spectrum of experiences with menstruation. I have a friend who bleeds so little that she doesn't actually need to use any sanitary products (if she wasn't so sweet I'd stab her just to check that there is some blood in her!) compared to the copious bleeding that others experience.

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Wow, thanks everyone for your candor..my hats off to each one of the respondents. And thank you for sharing your experiences. It probably wouldn't be fair if I didn't share mine, so here goes........


I do get my full legs waxed every six weeks and have the bikini line waxed as well. Unfortunately, the aesthetician got too wax-happy the last time and gave me a full monty :o. Mortifying, yes, but at least I don't have to endure the associated pain for a few more weeks. :blushing:


The underarms are altenately waxed or shaved each week.


And 24/7, I wear panty liners...ballet or no ballet. I am on the other extreme, in that I hardly bleed; mine are more like heavy spotting at the most, so I wear the same liners.


I love the suggestions about the panty hose in a can. I can use that not in ballet, but on evening nights on the town sans nylons.


I am glad I started this post. Brings us back to the reality of being female. :sweating:

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I've thrown up from the level of pain before, bled through clothing, and been competely incapacitated from pain.

Snap, snap and snap, regularly although less when I'm on the pill.

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There is a huge range of individual differences, as you all point out, and here at BT4D, we've been through them in many many threads. So I'm going to give you the links, and then I'm going to close this thread. We need to remember this is a public messageboard, and when discussion goes from suitable underwear to individual menstrual histories, we've veered off-thread in a way that's not very useful to other posters. So here is an array of the richness of discussion on underwear, menstruation, and waxing!


That time of the month


Dancing during certain times of the month


Playtex sports tampons


I need some undergarment advice


Menses while dancing


Underwear under leotards


No tights!


Arm hair removal




Question on something personal


Wax or shave?

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