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Magazines: Nureyev picture in New Yorker

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There is a great picture of Nureyev, in the altogether, as my grandma would say, and an article in this month's New Yorker. Well worth reading.

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Thanks for the 'Heads Up'!!!! :sweating:

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I think this is the online version of the article that dance1soccer1 mentioned. And ps loved the phrase "in the all together"!


Nureyev in The New Yorker


"Wild Thing Rudolf Nureyev, onstage and off." by Joan Acocella in the October 8 2007 issue of The New Yorker

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Great article!


Interesting that though people were starving, and Ufa was a small town, they still had an opera house, and people could see ballet.



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Sorry, Nureyev is taken.

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But the photo is a 1961 Avedon. A print made from the first run of positives from that negative would make a pretty good Christmas present all by itself!

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There is a local cafe in our city, owned by a distinguished local photographer, who has several first prints of his work featuring candids of Nureyev and Celia Franca. Nureyev is dressed in his trademark long coat, boots and hat/beret? Even in street clothes he is a striking figure. Cost $800.00...I gaze and covet each time I pass by the cafe.

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It's quite fascinating, jen888. I'm reminded of an old corny Western saying, "This town ain't big enough for the two of us....". :wink:

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