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Chicago in November: Classes and Complexions

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Hi everyone.


I've booked a trip to Chicago for November 10-13 -- my first visit! -- and I've got a couple of early requests for information.


1. I've searched the archives and found mentions of the various Chicago studios with open classes for adults. If anyone has recommendations for a particularly outstanding class or teacher at the advanced beginner or elementary level in that Saturday afternoon-Tuesday afternoon stint, I'd love to hear them. I'd happily take suggestions for a good, technical jazz class, as well, at the same level or a bit higher.


2. While I was having a very distracted, unproductive day at work today, I was looking at what dance, theatre, and music performances are going on in the city while I'm there. It turns out Complexions is performing. If anyone from the Chicago area wants some company to see the Saturday night (Nov. 10) show, feel free to PM me. (So far, I'm travelling on my own.)


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I'm not an adult but know that Ruth Page offers very affordable classes in the mornings and many professionals in Chicago take these classes. You should also check into Lou Conte. Enjoy!

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I recommend a trip to Faubourg School of Ballet. Incredible teaching, intermediate and advanced. Classes however are in the evening. This is located in Hanover Park. Trust me...you won't regret taking a class there!! :devil:

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