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Hi All- My 9 yr. old daughter has a question below. She is a little frustrated after not getting a part in the Nutcracker this yr., but is willing to work hard for a part for next yr. According to her height, she will only be eligible to audition for Candy Cane- a little advanced for a10 yr. old as of next yr.. She wants some advice on how to prepare. Thanks to anyone who can give input!


I am too tall for most of the parts for my age in the Nutcracker.

I was soldier last year for Nutcracker and I was so sure that I was going to get Polly this year, but I was too tall.

I was too tall and too small for everything this year! I am going to try to get Hoops next year.

How many classes a weak would be good to take ? Right now I am taking six.

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As this forum is for dancers 13-16, and the poster is made on behalf of a nine-year-old by a parent, I'm going to switch this to the Parents of under-13s forum.


Six classes a week is quite a classload for an under-10 dancer. Are you sure that you're not overworking and losing the benefit of some of the classes because you're tired? Three classes a week for a 9-year-old seems plenty to me.

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Yes, I agree that 3 classes a week should be plenty for a 9 yr. old. :(


Now, to address your dilemma:

I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but there will be plenty of opportunities for a young dancer as dedicated as you seem to be.


First of all, Nutcracker is not the end-all-be-all ballet! I know a lady who was a ballerina with National Ballet of Canada who never got into Nutcracker when she was a child!!! I know many other professional dancers who never danced in Nutcracker as a child, but now that they are professionals, they are experiencing dancing in Nutcracker.


Since you can't do anything about your height, attend your classes, work very hard, apply corrections, and most importantly, show how much you enjoy dancing through the combinations given in the classroom!


Remember that being able to express yourself and make the audience feel is the greatest gift you can offer. Be sure you are able to demonstrate that both in the classroom and in auditions, and you will be fine.


Don't let anything get you down because your belief in yourself is the most important gift you can give to you!

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