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Okay, I did some more digging around, and I'm going to venture a guess here.


Reading the class descriptions on the academy website, I see that kids in the Intermediate & Advanced levels are encouraged to go to Summer Intensives, while the kids in Foundation levels are encouraged to go to the academy's pre-intensive. So, I assume the kids at the summer intensive are Int/Adv levels. With that in mind, I am assuming:


Academy Int 1= SI Level 1

Academy Int 2= SI Level 2

Academy Adv 1 = SI Level 3

Academy Adv 2 = SI Level 4


This seems fairly accurate because the Academy class schedules have pas de deux for the Advanced levels but not the Intermediate levels. This correlates to the fact that pas de deux is only part of the SI Levels 3&4.

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Does ballet west have a residence you can stay in for the year round program? Im interested in going there year round and I only saw things about the summer intensive residence...

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Lisa Hoyt of Ballet West said there was only 'host family' housing available. I think the trainees have an apartment, but there doesn't seem to be anything for the younger teens.

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JMM- Thank you! I sent a DVD audition for their summer program, and if I am accepted, I am seriously considering attending the year round program.

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JMM - Thanks for providing on-the-ground insights. Also, if you have any information about what might be changing with the SI this year, would love to hear that over on the SI review thread. I'm sure the new facilities will mean changes for both the year round and summer programs. Exciting times.

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I was accepted into the summer program, so I am really hoping to have the opportunity to study here next year as a year round student. Any further info on the possibility of dorms would be greatly appreciated!

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Nope. They are in the process of choosing a new director of the academy. I would imagine that other details will be worked out later and maybe not in time for next fall.

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New academy director announced today: Peter LeBreton Merz. Not sure whether I'm allowed to post link, so I won't, but you can click through to the announcement from the Ballet West website home page.

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Updated year round program information has been posted to the BWA website, including information on their new Professional Training Division for students ages 13-17.


PTD housing is host family, with academic arrangements the responsibility of the student. (BW has, however, put together a guide detailing school options.)

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Is anyone thinking about letting their DK stay year round for the PTD program now that auditions are over and emails have been sent out? I'm a little bit fuzzy on housing and how it all works. I've emailed BW with academic and housing questions. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.

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Trishup - not this year (DDs did not audition as we already have plans for this next year) but I'm very interested in hearing any information you gather as this might be a good choice for the following year. Very curious about the differences between new PTD level and trainee.

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