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I got an email back from Lisa Hoyt- Host families are available for housing and BW helps with arranging students who want to get an apartment as a group. At this time,they do not have a dorm style option for housing.

Attached to the acceptance email was an educational guide. It gave virtual/online school options as well as local high schools that work with BW students and their schedules.

BW wants a commitment by August 3rd. Dancers receiving scholarship offers will be notified via email by July 29th. It's a quick turn around because classes begin on August 31st. Lots to think about and consider. :nixweiss:

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I read that the color of leotard is black but can be of personal style choice. So I am assuming black Leo's for ballet. My DD has black with colored trim from Yumiko so she is bringing those as well. But base color is all black. She will bring colored Leo's for fun pictures with friends.

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tobeaballerina- For the summer it is different than year round. I think the year round uniform is through Eleve.

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I thought it was ansliewear? Regardless, I know some schools have a uniform but allow other styles as well. Just wondering if anyone knew :)

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Summer is black leo in "style of personal choice." Year round is uniform leo (Eleve), color and style determined by level. Other styles or colors are not allowed during the year-round program.


Information regarding the BW dress codes can be found on the website, listed under the specific program(s).

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keepcalmandrondejambe, your question is pretty vague; what information, specifically, are you interested in that isn't on the BW website?

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Information on the little things that aren't mentioned such as how fast a PTD member typically moves up the ranks and do they have exams at the end of the year? Are the PTD kids usually casted in nutcracker or other shows and what are their roles?

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The PTD program is new - this is the 2nd year - and it was expanded to two levels this year, so not enough history to give a definitive answer. I can tell you that at least one dancer became a trainee this year, and not all dancers stayed, though whether it was their choice or BW's, I can't tell you. PTDs are a level below trainees, and most, but not all, are 18 or younger and still in high school. The schedule is set up such that students can either do home/online school or attend a local brick-and-mortar, albeit with a modified schedule. In addition to their own classes, PTDs take a 2nd daily Advanced level technique class (so two daily technique classes).


There were evaluations for all levels, including PTDs, last year.


Almost all BWA dancers are required to do Nutcracker (I think there are exceptions for HS seniors). Historically, Nutcracker roles have been cast according to height due to costuming constraints. New production, new costumes next year, so we don't yet know how casting will be affected. Nutcracker is a company production, so students do not have solo or corps-type rolls; they are party children, pages, servants, ladies-in-waiting, etc.


PTDs also had more opportunity to dance in the spring/end of year performance, which last year included an abbreviated Cinderella.


The program is evolving with a new Academy director last year, and new principal this year. Both are excellent - as are all the teachers - and they have high expectations. I think most of the regular teachers teach during the summer, so if you are considering this program, I highly recommend you attend the SI to get a feel for the area and the program.

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My daughter is attending the Ballet West SI this summer and is interested in trying out for the PTD.  Do I gather correctly that some students attend Ballet West Academy as year-round students staying with host families? Does anyone have any experience with this program?

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I am currently in the PTD from out of town and I live in an apartment about a 10 minute walk from the studio. Because of how many students are from out of town, there are plenty of girls located in my building. However, I do know a few girls that stay with host families but in my opinion it is not as convenient due to the long commutes that they usually have.

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.  There are, as keepcalmandrondejambe mentioned, many girls who live in an apt complex a short walk from the studio.  Most, however, are older than your daughter and it is not a chaperone-on-site situation.  Younger dancers typically either live with a host family, or their own family relocates to SLC.  For information on host families, I suggest you contact BW Academy directly.  I'm sure someone there can provide more detailed information.

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dancemom02, I'll definitely get in touch with them if she gets in. She's pretty modest about her abilities and thinks it's a reach; I just was wondering if anyone had direct experience of the host family setup. She is indeed too young to be on her own, although she will be 16 next fall.

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