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My DD, age 16, just found out she was accepted into the Professional Training Division.  Anyone else? 

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Hi fcmsmom,

My DD, age 17, was just accepted also to the PTD at BW Academy. We are from out of state, so need to look into housing options. Do you know much about the program? We are new to this! Thanks! Decision deadline of only 5 days....


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Hi 1doglover,

Most of what I know about the PTD I found out on this thread and over on Professional Training School/Post Grad thread. Apparently it's possible to live with an in-town host family, but many girls get apartments together near the studio. DD says they will be linking up families so they can communicate.

We had decided that DD needs to leave her home studio next year to get better training, but finding better training where we live would involve at least an hour's commute one way. DD is sooo excited to have been invited to stay. This is her second summer at Ballet West and she loves it. 

By the way, DD (who is from California) has been hanging out with two girls from Michigan who both got invited to stay. Maybe the girls already know each other?

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Fcmsmom, that’s so funny! I spoke with my DD this morning and she is roommates with your DD. 😀 we are from Michigan. We can probably take this conversation offline. I will have my DD give your DD my contact info.

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DD 18 still looking for housing and room mate for fall. She is working on leads but not confirmed. Please reply if you have suggestions. Thank you.

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Hi blissfulballerinnamom,

My DD is also still looking for roommates as well.  She is 16.  We don't know any other PTDs and can't seem to get information.  Supposedly there is a list and a facebook group, but we can't seem to get the information.  So frustrating!  I think I will try calling tomorrow since I don't get any responses to emails.  

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This may be a tough week to get in touch with folks as the SI just ended and most academies "go dark" the week after.  From our experience last year, it's best to work on it through your DDs connections made at the intensive with others invited to stay.  We ended up getting a one bedroom for our DDs to share because we couldn't make a foursome of roommates work out in the short time available.  I'm not aware of a list or group.        

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Mom2two, Thanks for the reply!  The problem is that my DD wasn't able to connect with any other PTDs.  She knows some who were invited, but none who decided to stay. Apparently there were none in her level (she was level E during weeks 1-3, level 4 for weeks 5-6). I'm guessing that most of the PTDs were from higher levels.  I talked to several academy staff when I was in SLC at the end of the SI, and all were super nice and I was assured that we are on the roommate list and that everyone on the list will be sent info. One of the RIs told me that she heard that the new PTDs have started a FB group. I'm trying to be patient, but I'm starting to panic because we seem to be out of the loop and moving day is less than 4 weeks away. Getting a studio apartment with no roommate would be tough!

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We are looking for a 4th roommate to fill a 2 bedroom apartment for this year. If any of you are interested, please message me privately. 

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Hi keepcalmandrondejambbe,

We are interested, but I don't think I can message you since I'm a new-ish member.

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Hi BW PTD moms!  DD, 16, has been invited to join this program.  We are about 13 hours away and could not make it happen this year.  DD is finishing up high school courses this year and plans to attend in fall of 2019.  Need help with housing!!  For those of you sharing apartments, can you estimate the cost of this?  We do have some family in the area.  Looking into this first, but will likely end up in an apartment with roommates if possible. 

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Hi Betsarina, Recommend to look on Apartmentlist.com.  That resource was helpful to us.  From there you can put in your personal parameters of location, accessible to public transportation and grocery, plus a budget.  The closer to all of these increases the price, further away less expensive.  Also competing for the same spaces are students at U of U.  Our thoughts were that apartment cost was comparable to what you may pay if you were a student living in a dorm.  The property management companies know the market rate.  Best wishes with your research.

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DDs apartment is very close to the studio (10-ish minute walk) and at the safer end of town.  Your best bet for cost will be to find a 2 bedroom to share with 4 dancers.  We were not able to do this so DDs (twins) share a one bedroom apartment.  It costs us about $1200 a month (with parking spot fee, trash fee, utility fee).  The fees add up, so ask about all of them.  Proximity to groceries and the light rail will be key if she won't have a car.  We drove DDs car cross country so they would have one.  At first, I wasn't so sure about this but now I'm glad we did.  They can easily get to the grocery store, get out of town for hikes on the weekend and get to doctors appointments and such much easier.      

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My dancer is sharing a 2-bedroom with 3 other dancers (2 trainees and 2 PTDs).  The apartment is fully furnished and utilities are included.  It is walking distance to the studio and near the public transportation.   They each pay a bit over $500.  I know there are other BW students at this complex, too.   I actually think you could find something cheaper, but perhaps not furnished.

I am the parent who is least in the loop about this apartment, because my dancer is the oldest of the four, and he's on the lease, while I am not.  Plus, he's been out of town for much of the first month, so I haven't gotten many reports about the apartment.  I think some of the other parents on our lease have been frustrated by the added fees and changing terms at the leasing company.  So, I am not recommending this specific apartment to you.  I'm just trying to give you another example of what's available.


Good luck.

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My dancer is also sharing a 2 bedroom furnished apartment with 3 other dancers. The rent is $1600, not including utilities. They are a 10 minute walk from the studio and less than a block from the Trax line. It's a nice building with exercise room, spa, etc., and there are other dancers in the building. The Academy gave us a list of nearby apartment complexes that are popular among dancers.

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