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The Nutcracker is a company (not academy) production and the company holds an audition every year for students from the academy and the community.  There are set roles for student dancers depending on their age, level of dance, and whether they meet the height requirements for those roles: party kids, soldiers, buffoons, servants, and ladies in waiting among others.  There are usually four student casts and each casts does six or so performances.

Some PTD dancers also perform in the annual family series production, which is headed up by the second company.  All students have an annual spring performance, an annual invitational performance, and some participate in the academy's contemporary performance. 

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The last two years there were two roles that the PTDs filled. Pages was one, and I don't remember the other, and it did depend on height.  Although the PTDs auditioned, I think they were all in the production.  

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PTDs were also used as ladies in waiting in the Nutcracker. My daughter is in the PTD2 group and says the role assignments are based off height. There is not a lot of dancing in these roles but it was a good experience to be part of such a great professional performance. My daughter really enjoyed being on stage with the BW dancers in rehearsal and performances. Watching them up close was her favorite part of the experience. 

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Do they have a maximum height for roles in the Nutcracker?

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The audition form last year listed the height maximum for girls was 5’11”. My daughter is 5’6” and was one of the shortest ladies in waiting. 

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Looking for more specific information on teacher in the Ballet West professional division program.  Their website is very difficult to navigate, and there is no indication as to which faculty/staff teach in this program.  Any help would be appreciated!

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Long-shot request...My 19 yo daughter is at Colorado Ballet, but going to her 4th BW SI this summer.  Trying to find a PTD or trainee that either wants to sublet their apartment or needs a summer roomie for the 5 week SI.  If you have any leads or suggestions where to post, please let me know.

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