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RAD grade 7

Guest jude

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of course in an ideal world i would also take elemetary, intermediate etc but as i am so short of time and having danced for 11 years have built up a fair amount of techmique i feel for the reasons that i am doing ballet......(because i love to dance!!) the technical experience i hav gained during my years studying is enough for me as i am of course still progressing techniquely by doing the higher grades.

i think the point i was trying to make in my post was very much what is right for me. i do understand of course that in order to pursue a career as a pro or to be a 'proper' dancer intermediate, elementary etc are necessary.

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Guest whos_lulu

I'm not really sure if this is related, but I was wondering, if someone decided to do the Majors instead of the higher grades, when would they start them? I mean, generally, after which grade, grade 4 or grade 5 or when? I went from grade 4 and I didnt do pre-elementary because I was too young but went on to do elementary and intermediate (I didnt do pre-intermediate either)!

It was just a question of curiousity! tongue.gif

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The ordinary progression of things would have a student begin the Majors sequence after grade 5, but there's nothing that says you have to have even examined for any grade at all before appearing for a Majors exam, provided all the other criteria for the exam are met.

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