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Dancing with an orchestra


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I am seeking advice for my dancers who will be dancing to an orchestra for the first time. Usually from the stage (they tell me) they can't see the audience. But the musician's will have some light so they can see their sheets, that combined with the action of the playing of the instruments has me worried the dancers may be mesmerized and forget their steps! Any advice for what to tell them and how to prepare them? What is different in the music when it is live?

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The light from the orchestra pit is minimal. They generally have a light fixture that is covered and just shows on their music. The dancers will get over their fascination with the orchestra in rehearsals. They do not need to do anything special to prepare, as that is what the rehearsals are for. The difference in the music when it is live is that is is much more alive and inspiring, makes the performance far more exciting, and they could be challenged by very slightly different tempi, since it is live and they are used to exactly the same thing all the time. But again, that is what rehearsals are for. :shrug:

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My dd was in her first performance with a live orchestra when she was 10 - that year she was one of a group, very small (but cute) part, lots of things happening on stage and her group was just a part. She didn't have any comments about the orchestra, and didn't mention that the lights from the pit were an issue. Ditto a year later when she had a bigger part, sometimes on stage by herself.


I imagine they covered this issue in rehearsals, but however it was handled, the lights were a non-issue as far as I can recall.



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There won't be a rehearsal with the orchestra, we will have only a few performances with the orchestra, the rest with recorded music. They will have done about three performances before they face the orchestra. I guess all I can to is remind them to ignore them and just keep dancing!

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The biggest issue when performing with an orchestra that is not there for every performance is tempos of the music that may vary somewhat. The lighting is htere but not so much that the dancers are bothered by it.


It is such a wonderful experience to have, just tell her to enjoy the moment!

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I agree with all of the above.


She/they should be too busy to even pay attention to the orchestra. The pit will be much lower than the stage, and if they've been taught to project properly, they won't even see the orchestra with all of the stage lights!


One of the things I do with our kids in rehearsals is play with tempos unbeknowst to them, so that I can see how well they are paying attention to the music.


This prepares them well for when the conductor ate too much for dinner, and plays tempo sluggishly, or when he's got a touch of indigestion, and wants to get out of the pit quickly!!!! :devil:B):lol:

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