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Life after a career in dance

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I did not know about this. Here in Germany we are for sure not having anything like that.


I was lucky to have both my long time girl friend and family around me when I had to give up dancing professionally. But I am sure a good help during the "transition" is helping a lot of dancers to make this change smooth and less painful.

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Ingve, we (you) do! Tamed has established a working group for transitions in dance. At the last meeting in Basel, there were leaders from transition groups/organisations from France, Switzerland as well as the Netherlands. A major point of discussion was the integration of career transitions into the curriculum of dancers, e.g. transition from college/school into the company; and transition from company to a career after dance. The next meeting will be held at the Tamed conference at the Palucca School in Dresden in May 2008. Make sure you don't miss it. :-)

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Thanks for the information.


Luckily I am through this. But if I have time I will have a look into it. I also have a frien working in Dresden planning to stop soon. I am sure she will enjoy this information.



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Ingve, please feel free to join the transition group. Successful transitions are always encouraging for students and still active dancers. Check out the Tamed website for more information on the working group. :P I will post it on here nearer the time.

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Thanks again.


I just checked out the site. Funny, I actually know a couple of the dancers from the pictures from my time in the school in Munich.


I will see if I am in the country at the time.



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