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i don't know if this was posted before, but anyway, I have tons of bloopers! in the nutcracker, when the balloon was supposed to come and take clara away, it never came, so she had to walk offstage! :)


and also, this isn't so much a blooper, but the harliquin doll(sp?) in the middle of his variation, had to run offstage because he thought he pulled his hamstring. fortunatly, he didn't, but the party guests were stuck looking very confused for about half a minute.



( i have a lot of nutcracker stories ;] )

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Well my teacher was in Romeo and Juliet and he and his friend were, incidentally, playing Romeos best friends and in a jump their legs got caught and they both hit the ground practically on their face! (This was in an actual performance) They just had to jump right up and keep dancing like nothing happened!


Whoops! My bad!

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Jessi, there is an "Edit" button at the bottom right side of your post. You can fix the errors by clicking on that. :)


Balletrx, how about "...he and his friend..." instead of "...him and his friend..."? Hit the Edit button! :wink:

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:thumbsup: This is kinda embarassing, but it's funny at the same time. :blushing:


Ahem... :yes:


This happened a couple years ago at my studio's Nutcracker. I was back stage waiting for the Finale to end and preparing for Final Bow with my pink striped warm socks on to protect my shoes. ( I was the Mouse Queen [ :P ] and my skirt was down to my ankles.) I was in the very back line, and was standing in b-plus,smiling, and I happened to look down and saw I still had my pink striped socks on!!! :o I totally forgot to take them off!!!! :blushing::blushing: I just kind of plie-ed a bit so my dress covered my feet and tried to act like nothing happened. :grinning:

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ohh. I have a story just like that.

My studio was doing a group piece for YAGP and we had socks on to protect our shoes as well. I forgot to take them off before we went on. Unfortunately it was quite noticeable because my socks were a different color from everyone elses shoes.....

I was so upset when I realized what I did, but now that i look back it does seem a little funny.

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While dancing Kitri, my headpiece hit my partner's arm and fell off my head into the middle of the stage! Luckily, one of my teachers (who was playing Gamash), came and picked it up as a lovely memento from the girl he wished he could marry. He kind of caressed it and walked away...**Phew!

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I was there for that one, on stage as a villager that is. That cover was a whole lot better than some of the others in the show though.

Two years ago for Nutcracker, the little girls who were the angels always said something like "only two or three bobby pins" for their head pieces. Apparently, one of the moms who was helping backstage only put two or three in because one of the girls had her headpiece fall off towards the end of the dance. She started crying and I had to calm her down from the wings since I was kind of in charge of the little kids. Luckily, the first of the big girls to come out for the beginning managed to kick the headpiece all the way off stage.

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The three year old "Oui Ballet" dancers often fall flat on their backsides or slip, trip, and fall. It's terribly cute, though!

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Oh my gosh, where do I begin.


Well one time during tech rehearsal, (Nutcracker), the Sugar Plum smacked the Cav. right in the nose. He went down and stayed down for like 2 minutes. She felt horrible and he made it so dramatic. He was spinning her way to fast.


Another Nutcracker... We all wear socks back stage so we don't make the stage nasty. Well sometimes people forget to take them off (like me). So I went on stage with my socks on for I don't know, 10 minutes??? It was so bad. I thought I was going to die.


Nutcracker AGAIN. The Arabian soloist pants fell down while dancing. That was pretty bad too.


Wow, Nutcracker's been interesting over the years. One time, I was around 8, and these boys had to take me out of a sleigh. I was holding a box, and as soon as the two boys picked me up, my box went FLYING. I cryed for hours after. It was so loud! Sorry, its kind of long! :sweating:

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One year in the Houston Ballet's production of the Nutcracker, one of the rat's masks fell over her eyes and she fell into the orchestra pit. She could have been seriously injured had her tail not caught on a light. They had to stop the performance to rescue her to say the least....

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at the dress rehearsal for our big spring concert, i went into a kneel and the top of my foot skidded along the floor. when it skidded, it ripped off a scab and then it started bleeding like a lot! by the end of the rehearsal, i had a bloodstain on my foot about as big as my fist. i was hoping nobody would notice but then one girl did and everyone was pretty grossed out :)


so that's my onstage trauma!

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During a Nutcracker performance, the ribbon came off of my pointe shoe during Waltz of the Flowers. I did not go off stage for a while, so I was trying not to trip over my ribbon. When I finally went off, the principle (who was Sugarplum) was really nice and calmed me down so I could manage to safety pin my ribbon. Thankfully, I do not have any other horrible stage stories... :devil:

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Yay, another nutcracker story!!! When we are doing our nutcracker school performances (which are in the middle of the school day) we usually have about a third of our regular performers. I was a solider and in my last battle (I die) three of us are supposed to march out and face three mice. Well my two fellow soliders and the three mice we face weren't there, so I march to the middle of the stage, alone, and march in place like an idiot for what feels like an eternity (although it was probably around 10 seconds) while the rat king is looking around for a mouse to fight me. When no one goes out he comes and fights me himself, fortunately he knew the part. So it wasn't too embarassing but I felt like an idiot for a while. :flowers:

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One year in the Houston Ballet's production of the Nutcracker, one of the rat's masks fell over her eyes and she fell into the orchestra pit. She could have been seriously injured had her tail not caught on a light. They had to stop the performance to rescue her to say the least....


No way!


If you fell into our orchestra pit, you'd definitely be seriously injured, if not killed -- it is almost two stories down! We're all a little afraid to walk to the edge of the stage it's so far down! ..anyone seen the movie 300? :devil:


ETA: I have a blooper story! I was probably only 7 or 8 years old at the time, but at our annual studio recital, all the little girls were doing a dance as bluebirds! Very cute, right? Until my friend's costume top came untied -- I danced behind her for a good while, trying frantically to get her top retied! We have the whole thing on tape. :)

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My teacher was telling me a story about how one time she was playing the part of coppelia and so she had a quik change, and she had to change backstage were its really dark, and so she walked out on stage and went into her pose to start the peice and she felt a breeze on her chest so she looked down and she had her costume on backwards!!! the cut went all the way down to her stomach, luckily i dont think it showed anything else but she still had to walk off stage and re-change cause if she didnt it probably would show


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